Here Comes the Sun – Top Tips for Choosing Your Shades

Published: 5th Jun 2020

The warmer weather is well and truly here and many of us are already soaking up the sunshine in our gardens, on our balconies or outside as we walk to work or exercise.

Would-be fashion models and those already working in clothing modelling will have a keen eye for the styles that suit them and will have also their fingers on the pulse of current trends.

Plus size models, curvy models and teen models will also have experimented to see which designs help create the various looks they are going for and those hoping for modelling jobs in the future might also have a few pairs in their drawer to mix and match with their outfits.

But what should we bear in mind if we are considering investing in a brand new pair or two as the summer approaches?

*Complete UV protection

Make sure your shades block out 100% ultraviolet (UV) light as both UV-A and UV-B can cause short and long-term damage to your eyes and vision.

*Go big

Aviator and other large-style sunglasses can make quite a statement and will also give you good protection. Consider wrap-around glasses too, which will help reduce UV light coming in from around the edges.

*Colour and depth

If you want light, dark or coloured sunglasses, it is still important to check the label to ensure they cut out 100% of the UV light. The colour and depth of darkness of the lenses themselves do not make a difference.

*Polarised lenses are popular

Choosing polarised lenses, which also offer full UV protection, can be ideal for someone who drives a lot, goes skiing or enjoys water sports as they will reduce glare.

*Choose suitable frames

If you plan to wear your shades while exercising or carrying out high-impact activities, then opt for durable frames. Some of these might also be close fitting, light-weight and have been specially coated or fitted with nose pads to stop them sliding off. 

*Consider shatterproof lenses

If you are exercising hard in your sunglasses you might also wish to look at shatterproof lenses. Some of these will also have anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings.

*Experiment with shape

Consider the shape of your face and try on lots of pairs or play around with online tools to find frames and lenses that suits you. If your face is round, for example, you may wish to have a square or rectangular frame, and, if your features are shape, you may choose to soften them with a more angular pair.

*Have fun while choosing

There are so many different styles and colours out there – from contemporary to vintage and ultra-cool to super stylish – and as long as they are all 100% UV protective there is no reason why you should not treat yourself to several pairs.

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