Ideal World TV – How Modelling Can Transform Your Life

Published: 16th Sep 2021

Meet Neri – one of our plus-size models, whose life has completely changed since she joined Models Direct.

Originally a care worker, she decided to take the plunge and to sign up with us as a model.

Since then, not only has she fulfilled an array of female modelling assignments for us, but one of them has led to regular work – on live television!

In fact, Neri is now so successful that she has become one of the team on Ideal World TV, promoting the free-to-view shopping channel’s products.

“My degrees are in Performance and Writing, but I never thought in a billion years, that I may actually use them,” Neri admits…

“When I made the decision that perhaps I could become a plus size model, most people would dismiss the very notion. But it was like I woke up one morning and decided that I could show off my size 20 skills, just as well as those size 10 ladies. After about 10 minutes on Google, I didn’t stop to consider if I should apply, I just did it. I’ve always known I looked different, but Models Direct was the first one to see it as a potential selling point. Who knew my first assignment would end up being my regular income!”

Now a presenter on the channel, Neri often looks back at her journey and is keen to stress it is one that others like her could make too.

“What was only supposed to be a one-day assignment turned in to a regular slot and I have to say, it has been an amazing experience.”

“Getting to work with seasoned professional models was incredible and they were the most caring, supportive and welcoming group of people I could have worked with.”

“The staff at Ideal World were so informative and once they knew it was my first TV assignment, they guided me through it and offered all the support and training I could have needed.”

“I spoke to nearly every one of the floor staff and built a excellent rapport with the Floor managers and presenters.”

“We all got to know each other so quickly, that we were cracking jokes together off camera, but then we all were extremely professional on camera.”

Neri learned as she went along and felt supported at every stage.

The teams at Ideal World and Models Direct were with her every step of the way.

“This journey has been amazing so far, with my agent at Models Direct having my back the whole time and encouraging my curvy self to push forward,” she adds.

“Whatever happens, taking a chance on myself, was the best thing I did and Models Direct taking a chance on me, has been life changing.” 

Do you think you would like to give modelling a try, just like Neri did?

If so, why not send us your details and we will put you forward for any modelling work we feel you might be suitable for.

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