John Lewis at Home Christmas Magazine

Published: 4th Dec 2020

Attention all Christmas shoppers! You could soon be seeing a couple of Models Direct pet models coming to a festive campaign near you!

John Lewis is a national retail institution, and their Christmas TV adverts are seen by millions of British viewers in the weeks leading up to the big day. In fact, their 2019 festive TV advert Excitable Edgar was viewed over 9 million times on YouTube, with millions more catching it on TV. The commercial giants now rank alongside turkey, wrapping paper and tinsel as one of the UK Christmas traditions – even Santa Claus himself keeps a keen eye out for their adverts, bless him (this is sometimes disputed, but we believe it!)

The company has been around since the 19th century, and has seen a rise in customer satisfaction, public trust and quality brands. They employ approximately 30,000 workers and have about 400 stores (including partners) in their corporation. In short, John Lewis does things right, and consumers have faith in their products.

So it was entirely predictable when our two pet models got the call recently to appear in the latest John Lewis Christmas Magazine. Honey-Belle – a red / apricot two-year-old cockapoo – and Queenie –  a gorgeous photogenic cat – were transported to a majestic manor house for their noteworthy photo shoots.

Though the magnificent venue’s location was kept hush-hush due to the confidential nature of the famous magazine, we are delighted to report both pets did a sterling job and impressed the camera – especially Honey-Belle, who was invited for a second day’s photo shoot!

Any modelling is fantastic, but there’s something so prestigious about being in demand with a leading company. Queenie and Honey-Belle certainly excelled, and we have great pleasure in reporting the following feedback:

“Queenie had an amazing day cat modelling for John Lewis. Models Direct were fantastic through the whole process and were always there if I had any questions. Thank you so much and what a great service!

Honey-Belle’s first day’s success was echoed by the words: “Great day shooting with Models Direct today! I performed so well – the client asked me back for a second day! Watch this space and look out for me in a department store near you!!” 

Honey-Belle even has her own Instagram account – well, why not? Advertising your prize-and-joy is a great way to propel them in the modelling world. The more times they’re seen the better! 

So, if you have a gorgeous pet of any description (whether furry, feathered or scaly), we’d love to hear from you – and them! Please simply follow the below link and start your pet’s application to be a star with us.

StarPets Modelling Application

For more examples of our pet models, and to see examples of how much your pet could earn by being the star of the show, please have a look at the link below:

Starpets Reviews

Remember – pet modelling is just as important to us and our clients as humans…dare we say it, but a lot of pets are even more in demand than us mere mortals! Taking the John Lewis Christmas Magazine assignment as a case in point, they knew Queenie and Honey-Belle would be more effective than any human could be. So, if you’re a pet owner, what are you waiting for?

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