Refinery Photography: Kleeneze brochure

Polly, Model Ref: 147102, Model Fee: £60


"Everything was handled very professionally. Polly enjoyed her time... Everything was made simple and clear."

For the second time in just a few months, Manchester-based Refinery Photography came to Models Direct looking for animal models. This time they were seeking a single West Highland Terrier for a photoshoot.

It seemed like an impossible task when our coordinators realised we didn't have a Westie on our books, especially as the photoshoot was planned for the next day!

However, determined to fulfil the client's specification, our coordinators managed to find a local breeder and approached her to see if she'd be willing for one of her dogs to do a bit of modelling. Luckily, she was!

The photoshoot was booked to take a couple of hours, but the photographer got all the pictures the client needed in just 45 minutes. It was a bit noisy on set and so understandably Polly had a few distractions. Fortunately this didn’t have an impact on the photoshoot.

We asked June how she felt about the assignment. "Everything was handled very professionally," she told us. "Polly enjoyed her time although she was a little distracted due to the noise. Everything was made simple and clear."

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