Junior Modelling with Supermarket Giant Morrisons

Published: 22nd Sep 2022

Morrisons makes it…excellent for models to enjoy a day of shooting and filming. Yup, that’s right – we’ve had another project that’s been fulfilled by our lovely sweet girl, Zuriel. We’ve collabed with Morrisons a number of times before, and we’re very proud to have helped front their marketing campaigns whenever they’ve called for our help. It’s always been an amazing takeaway for everyone involved. Not convinced? Head on over to our reviews to read all about it directly from our talent. 

So, without further ado, let’s get right into this particular Morrisons project and tell you about our adorable mini model landing herself a new job.

They requested; we delivered

Morrisons needed a child model for their marketing campaign and Zuriel was our instantaneous choice when they briefed us on their requirements. She fit the bill perfectly, like the missing puzzle piece, so we reached out to see whether her parents were happy to go ahead.

…They were and we were thrilled! Zuriel embraced the project like a diamond glistening through the lens. She worked her magic at the Colindale store and had fabulous images snapped during her time on set. We were so impressed with how professional she was despite her young age, thus leading another winning campaign. 

Finals from Zuriel’s shoot with Morrisons

Zuriel’s mum had lots to say about the work, here’s what she said:

“My daughter had a modelling job with a supermarket chain which went really well. She enjoyed getting a new outfit and posing in front of the camera. The photographer and PR lady were both extremely friendly and were able to keep my 5-year-old entertained and engaged.”

We love seeing how our assignments are right from project conception and initiation to planning to execution through to closure. We’ve had thousands of projects land on our desks or in our inboxes over our 30-year span. Once it’s in our modelling savvy team’s hands, they get to work, diligently focusing on the brief to present the most suitable models to the client. 

The clients then look to choosing the model (or models) where we can then move on to the exciting part which is scheduling the day (or days) and briefing them on what is expected to come. We love this part because this is the beginning of a wonderful experience we hope gets etched into our model’s memory forever. 

Here’s the local press feedback from the event: https://www.bordercountiesadvertizer.co.uk/news/20158126.oswestry-morrisons-community-champions-give-paper-chains/

The influential life of a model

Modelling isn’t just a rainy day hobby, something you get to just do when you’re bored or twiddling your thumbs, it’s more than that. It’s a game-changer, something that can make an influential impact in the marketing world which is something we always strive towards. We don’t just pump out projects, we aim to go that mile further – making amazing campaigns that can broaden perspectives, thoughts and ideas. 

We push our own boundaries too! We call for real people to come forth, not your typical airbrushed models with one generic look. Nope, that’s not how we do things here – and we’re not apologetic about it either. On the contrary, this is what should be expected from the world of modelling – realistic looks and styles. Sounds like something for you? We thought so too! Keep in touch, subscribe and scrolling through our feeds to learn more about us and hopefully, we’ll see you on the other side too, just like Zuriel. 

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