Lifestyle modelling – examples

Published: 26th May 2023

“I could do that, couldn’t I?”

Many events in life start out with this simple question. In the case of lifestyle modelling, it’s never been more apt for one reason – because…yes, you could do it! The proof is feedback from other lifestyle models who may or may not have had prior modelling experience.

The great thing about lifestyle modelling is that the models are not usually the epitome of what many people perceive a model to be. That is, they are “regular” folk selected to portray regular people in campaigns. Got experience? Brilliant! No experience? No problem – you might have just what our clients are looking for!

Look no further for evidence than reading about people like you who have been there and done it. Who knows – you could be appearing in these testimonials soon.

1.  Sky Sports

This is a wonderful example of how a global brand utilised both debutants and practised models to get an important message across to the masses. Sky Sport’s I Am Sport campaign celebrated the return of live sport to our screens (wha-hay!), so five of our London models were chosen to depict everyday people in COVID-safe environments for the campaign last year.

The job was orchestrated by communications firm No Nonsense PR, and it was an immediate success. We’d like to point out that one of our models, Jessica, is an accomplished model and we place the highest regard on all our experienced models – even though we’re always on the lookout for beginners, too!

Jessica said, “I’ve worked with Models Direct on four occasions and they’ve all been great experiences. We had pictures taken for Sky Sports which was super fun – and the lunch was great! My colleagues were very friendly and made me feel comfortable at all times. Thank you once again to Charlie and the rest of the Models Direct team.”

First-time models Christina and Elliot Babbs commented, “The team was so professional and our booking agent, Charlie, communicated with us throughout. We really hope we get another job soon. Excellent experience!”

So, whatever your experience in the modelling industry, you could be starring in professional shoots for world renowned clients!

2. No Nonsense PR came to the fore again, this time on behalf of Campo Viejo. The Spanish vineyard is a relative newcomer to the fascinating world of wine, and is based in North East Spain, about 50 miles south of Bilbao. They needed six lifestyle models (three females and three males) to star in a video advert filmed in London. Our models thoroughly enjoyed the experience, which involved acting in scenes at a house party. The tagline was “Savour the moment”, which was the title of their much-watched YouTube advert. 

Our experienced model, Annie, took the lead role, and she said afterwards, “As always I was fully prepped and given all the necessary information from Mollie. The two-day shoot was really enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to seeing the footage and working again with Models Direct.”

Khaled was brimming with gratitude. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Great two days!” Don’t mention it, Khaled! After all, we’re specialists in placing the right people for the right jobs. As mentioned previously, that right person could be YOU next time!

3. If you’re a bubbly family intending on getting in on the modelling action, you must read about the Burton family. It’s not just individuals that can score modelling jobs. In fact, lifestyle family modelling is far more sought after than you’d think.

The Burtons modelled for the NSPCC’s “Messathon” – a sponsored event where participants were encouraged to wade through mud, trample over bales of hay and swoosh along water slides…the perfect assignment for children and active parents alike.

The fearless family said, “We had an absolutely brilliant day. Thank you to Models Direct for putting us forward for the job –  it’s been absolutely brilliant. The kids loved it and we’re looking forward to doing another assignment soon. Thank you!”  

If these testimonials have whetted your appetite for lifestyle modelling, check out the link: Is lifestyle modelling for you? (

Lifestyle modelling is for everyone – including you. You’ll be prepped and paid (of course), and who knows where it could lead?

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