Make your Favourite Barista-Style Cups at Home

Published: 26th Jun 2020

Who doesn’t love a steaming hot cup of coffee?

But it’s not always possible to get out and about to enjoy a cup in your favourite coffee shop and, during lockdown especially, we might be keen to make our own versions at home.

The jury is still out on just how good for you coffee is – but certainly there is evidence that in addition to giving you an energy boost there may be some health benefits. The Models Direct team love coffee and many happy discussions have been had over the years about the different coffee types, brands and machines.

Coffee contains nutrients, such as some B vitamins, magnesium, potassium and anti-oxidants.

Research has also shown it might help to protect against type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s disease and possibly lower the risk of liver problems.

Other research has concluded, however, that too many cups of coffee can cause insomnia, stomach upset and increased blood pressure in some people.

So, choosing to have just one or two cups a day is therefore probably the best option for most people.

And, if this is the case, you will definitely want to make them the best cups you possibly can!

Many of us do have coffee machines at home these days that we can use to help us prepare tasty coffee recipes.

But if not, don’t worry, you can still create barista-style drinks…

Here are a few top tips:

*Try to use ground coffee if possible – it will give you a richer flavour than instant. It does not have to be an expensive artisan brand – supermarket coffee can be very good. But do experiment with different strengths and flavours to find one you like.

*When making a cup of black coffee, or your base for something more exciting, don’t use boiling water. Bring your water to the boil then let it sit for a while before pouring it on to the ground coffee. This will also improve the flavour.

*For a cup of good strong coffee without a machine you could use a cafetière, jug or pan. With the jug or pan method you will need a decent strainer. Bring your water to the boil in a pan, leave to sit for a minute then stir in your grounds. Let the coffee brew before pouring into a cup through a strainer. Alternatively, boil a kettle, let it sit for a while then pour on to grounds in a jug. Again, serve by pouring through a strainer into a cup or mug.

*To make an americano-style coffee, try making your black coffee as above but to double strength. Pour an inch or two of thick black coffee into your cup then lengthen the drink with boiling water.

*Try making frothy milk for a cappuccino by filling an empty jar half full of milk. This can be semi-skimmed or full fat. Put the lid on and shake it hard for about 30 seconds. Unscrew the lid and blast the jar in the microwave for 20 seconds. Remove from microwave and tip the warm milk into hot black coffee in your mug, holding the foam back with a spoon as you do. Then spoon the solid foam on to your milky coffee and sprinkle with chocolate powder.

*Create your own mocha in a similar way. Make a cup of hot chocolate as you normally would, either by heating milk in a pan or microwave and stirring in chocolate powder. Make a couple of inches of strong coffee and stir that in too. Pour into a mug. Make your frothy milk as above then spoon your stiff foam on to the chocolatey drink. For a real treat used whipped cream instead of frothy milk. Once again, sprinkle with chocolate powder or even grated chocolate.


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