Mastering Mirror Work Like A Pro

Published: 29th May 2020

One aspect of modelling usually entails posing in front of a camera. And hey, what’s not to like about striking a fantastic model pose and achieving the look that your client is after?

If your expression is on point, it can be successful marketing but what if you can’t translate that on camera? Teen models, parts models, catalogue models and mature models are just a few types of models who can benefit from reading this blog.

A photographer will often help guide you and giving you instructions on how to resonate the look the client wants. This may sound bizarre (trust us, it will prove useful) but knowing your face is essential. How it moves and how your expressions look. So, one of the best ways to master your look is by doing something called mirror work. It’s as simple as that! 

Mirror work is observing yourself in the mirror and doing various poses and expressions so that you can achieve muscle memory to remember what those poses feel like so you can effortlessly re-create them when you’re in the presence of a camera. Interestingly, it’s a bit like touch typing and building muscle memory of where all the letters and characters are placed.

We’ll take you through some points that will help you achieve a professional. polished look so that photographers will enjoy working with you. 

Spend some time doing it daily 

Practice makes perfect so grab a mirror and get those muscles working. This doesn’t mean that you have to do it hours on end as you’ll tire your face out, that’s for sure. Grab a mirror or stand in front of one and get started. You’ll get your expressions in a bag and when the photographer asks for a specific one, you’ll know just what to do. What’s more, if an expression doesn’t feel right, you’ll instinctively know because those handy muscles would’ve remembered what DID feel right.

Focus on your overall poses too

If you have a full-length mirror, that’s fab because you can use it whilst working on your mirror work. Incorporating an overall look whilst preparing expressions can help to tie in the entire package altogether – which is you! 

Communicate specific emotions 

Up your game by practicing on specific emotions such as happiness, sadness, fear and so on. You never know when you’ll be asked to convey one so be ready!

Practice me-time

Use some time alone to practice expressions, Interruptions and distractions will only hinder your daily goal of practicing for a few minutes. Also, having some me-time will encourage you to feel free to pull any amount of awkward expressions as you please! This will make it even more fun!

Mirror, mirror on the wall

If you’re an existing model or a prospective one, dedicating some time in your day to doing mirror work will really pay off. Modelling professionals such as modelling agencies and photographers will acknowledge that you’ve put in work to create your poses. This will make life easier as you won’t need too much direction and photographers will find you easy to work with. So, grab a mirror and get cracking with mastering mirror work like a pro!

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