A Refresher Course on Awesome Must-Know Model Poses

Models are always asked to pose in front of a camera lens to capture a moment forever. How to get a great pose on camera would be to practice as many different types of typical model poses and facial expressions before being called in for a photoshoot, advert or other modelling assignments. When you're prepared, chances are you'll ooze confidence which will be demonstrated on camera. This confidence will be translated through your ability to strike poses naturally and quickly which will be a bonus for you and your client.

If you've registered with our down to earth modelling agency, you'll know that we give our models control of their e-portfolio. This means that models can log in and update their snaps whilst adding more on to show their versatility!

Models Direct would like to take you through some basic but awesome must-know model poses just in case you're unsure of what a photoshoot could entail or that you simply need a refreshers course on awesome poses. Let's get cracking!

Lying on your side

A common pose for models is lying on their side with their head resting on a hand. Try it out for yourself and wiggle into a comfortable position that will accentuate your figure whilst expressing the right look at suits your face. It may take time to master this but as with everything practice means you'll be steps ahead and well prepared to tackle the pose like a boss.

Hands touching your face

This is a popular pose which is quite varied too! You can practice using both hands, one hand or even a couple of your fingers, open palms, closed palms, the list for this one is pretty long! You'll have fun trying this one out in front of the mirror! Just remember to relax your hands so that they don't appear tightened and feel uncomfortable. Your poses need to look natural, not forced.

Over the shoulder look

This pose is pretty simple but looks fabulous when captured. With this, you will need to stand with one shoulder pointed towards the direction where you'll be looking. You'll then need to turn your head that you're looking over your shoulder. With this look, you can experiment positioning your face is different angles to see what looks best for you. This one will be a great addition to your e-portfolio.

Hands on hips look

Placing your hands on your hips is another popular and great pose to get yourself familiar with. This one is another one that could be pulled off in different ways. You could try placing one hand on your hips, both hands, one in front and the other behind, both hands placed behind and any other ways you can think of! If you look relaxed and comfy, this will resonate on camera too.

Your unique pose

Now that we've taken you through some of the most popular poses models should know about, maybe it would be a great idea to take shots of yourself to see what showcases you best and your unique features and characteristics.

Hopefully you'll feel more confident in yourself and ready to get into the modelling world prepared and ready like never before! Grab new adventures with both hands and enjoy the journey!