Published: 30th Sep 2021

Oh, to be a model and get a phone call informing you that you’ve been given the “thumbs up” for a two day modelling assignment trying on clothes. Trying on clothes! That’s what a lot of shoppers love to do each day on busy high streets in the UK and models get paid handsomely for the experience!

Well, that’s precisely what happened when the wonderful Models Direct booking team delivered the good news to Jessica – one of our talented, bubbly and ambitious models.

Matalan wanted a fittings model for regular work at two full days per week, and their first port of call was – obviously – us. Such was the importance of this assignment, the British fashion giants invited Jessica to their HQ in Knowsley, Merseyside.

So, what did this prestigious assignment involve, and what is a fittings model? We ask, because there are plenty of similar jobs up for grabs for Models Direct models, so if you haven’t already submitted an application with us, perhaps now is the time to do exactly that.

A fittings model is a model who is paid by a fashion brand or designer to try on clothes to determine the clothes’ suitability for specific customers. For the designer, the two most important factors for using a fittings model are to check how well their clothes fit on the model, and also to gain an understanding of the overall appearance of the attire. In effect, a fittings model is a walking, talking, breathing mannequin.

Jessica is a plus size model, and true to the trend of being in high demand, she was required to try an assortment of clothes before they appeared on the shop floor. This was crucial to Matalan, because if clothes don’t look quite right before hitting the aisles, the thousands of customers are sure to pick up on any oddities. It’s all in the detail, so Jessica’s responsibility could be seen as part of the “quality control”, and it also happened to be highly enjoyable. As she reported during her assignment, “I am continuing to enjoy being a fittings model for Matalan. Thank you Models Direct!”  

A lot of assignments highlight certain aspects of the commercial modelling industry that many people overlook. Jessica’s position as fittings model can emphasize the following points:

·        Modelling work with us can be on a regular basis.

·        Plus size models are well sought after. Don’t be shy – many brands are looking for models of a certain size, no matter which measurements.

·        We work with some of the biggest brands around – and not just fashion brands!

·        Never heard of a fittings model? Well, you have now, so if this sounds something that you’d excel at, get in touch with us. But not before reading the two links below, which will explain a little more about this commendable – and fun – genre of commercial modelling.

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