The Ultimate Guide to Fitting Models

You might be mistaken for thinking that a fitting model or fit model is the same as a fitness model. This is a common misunderstanding of very similar terminology which is understandable. Here at Models Direct, we'd like to take you through what a fit model is, the types of fit models there are out there and other interesting touchpoints any newcomer to the modelling scene would benefit from. Here's our ultimate guide to fit models.

What is a fittings model?

A fittings model is someone who tries on apparel for the purpose of checking the fitting and overall appearance for fashion designers. Fit models meet specific measurement requirements such as height, bust, waist, hip, arm, leg, and so on.

Categories of fit models

Fit models encompass men, women and children. There are a variety of categories that they will cover clothing for which include: standard, petite, tall, big & tall, plus-size, maternity, sportswear, baby, junior and plenty more new categories being added to keep on-trend with consumer demands. Whatever type of clothing is out there, you'll bet that there's a fit model for every one of them.

What's the reason behind fit models?

Fit models act as a representation of the population. Not everyone has the same tiny stats as editorial models have so fit models cater to what the general population's body size and body type is like. This makes clothing sizes more realistic and truer to size for the overall population. Not only this but hiring a fit model as opposed to a runway model is definitely a more cost-effective choice!

Fit models are vocal

Not only do these types of models try on clothes, but they also express any issues with items. Giving an accurate and concise account and feedback on the apparel is key to a fit model's role. Their opinion really does count; designers and manufacturers will be all ears if they have any concern with the clothing. This really helps them by making them aware of any obvious errors or alternations that need to be made that they might not have recognised without the feedback of a fit model.


I was really nervous before starting my contract to be a fittings model for Matalan, but everyone really made me feel at ease. I'm learning new things every day!  Thank you Models Direct.

Becoming a fit model

Getting in touch with a modelling agency, such as ourselves, is a great way to kick start your fit modelling dream career. You can fit it alongside other work commitments making it an extra source of income and to be honest, who wouldn't want that? We'll search for a client looking for what you specialise in and match you together. But before then, here are a few areas of this modelling category that you could take a note of:

  1. Check your body measurements as designers have their specific requirements.
  2. Have excellent knowledge of fashion and current trends so that you can translate useful and helpful feedback to designers.
  3. Make room for flexibility so that you can attend assignments if ever announced at short notice.

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