Modelling with your baby

Published: 3rd May 2023

Let your favourite modelling agency share an experience about viruses that won’t have you recoiling in horror or battening down the hatches.

Viruses, eh? The “V Word” has brought enough panic without going over old ground, thank you very much! Instead, we’re going to highlight a recent commercial modelling job that required two adults and a young child. Their mission? To work alongside the Fresh Heather agency and star in a London photo shoot to help promote awareness of the nasty rotavirus.

Baby model Penelope

If you don’t have children, rotaviruses may have escaped your attention. That’s because they are predominately common in infants, with adults rarely affected by the submicroscopic, replicating critters. Rotaviruses are the chief culprit of diarrhoea in children, so keeping tabs on them and raising awareness is the first step in reducing infection. We’re glad to be able to provide at least some resistance to rotavirus!

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Step up our model Quinton, who proved to be as solid a medical assistant as you’d see on TV medical dramas! After being prepped, our superstar model effortlessly slipped into “medical professional mode” and thoroughly enjoyed his time to shine. After the shoot he commented, “It’s been a great start working with Models Direct. The assignment was brilliant and I was amazed by the production team and their performance. I’m truly delighted to be a part of the work that’s offered. Thanks!”

Male model Quinton

That’ll be another new model successfully inducted into the MD modelling family – well done, Quinton! We’ll see what other assignments might be suitable for you in 2023!

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Starring alongside Quinton, mother and child partnership Stav and Penelope posed as visitors of a health centre. It’s always important for commercial models to act naturally, and it’s particularly crucial when conveying a medical message to the greater public. Gaining a greater audience using models for a commercial company is vital for a brand, but models helping protect and educate the country is always pleasing. Our work with the NHS and other healthcare businesses is a testament to our models, and we’ll continue to provide the right models for each specific job. Forget gimmicks and gadgetry! Real models putting themselves in the public’s shoes is just the ticket!

Stav said, “First timer here! My daughter was selected and they needed a mother role, so I thought “why not”? I was very anxious, not knowing what to expect, but it was a fab day out, and we enjoyed every moment. Everyone was so nice, and communication with Models Direct from the start to the finish was great. We were well looked after, too – fantastic!”

Check out all the FAQs below that’ll satisfy your curiosity. There’s also a quick and easy “apply with us” button so we can see what you’ve got to offer our clients.

Don’t forget, we’re always looking for couples and families. 2023 looks set to be another bumper year. With the economy getting back on track, and with businesses wanting to redeem some of the deficits laid down by previous lockdowns, this year could very well become “the year of the model”. We very much hope so – for all involved!

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