Models, we love to hear what goes on behind the scenes on your shoots!

Published: 8th Sep 2023

There is nothing more that we at Models Direct love more than when our models send us their behind the scenes photos and videos.

These colourful, candid shots not only reveal to us a little more of what that particular assignment was like, but they are also invaluable to new and would-be models.

Here at Models Direct we have more than 33 years’ experience of working in the business – but, even so, we can still say that no two modelling jobs are ever the same.

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And that is just one of the many wonderful things about the fabulous industry we work in!

It’s not, therefore, surprising that we love to see the pictures and footage our models have taken while out on jobs for us.

These might be images of other models on set; camera and lighting teams in action, and even models and crew members enjoying chatting together in their downtime.

This gives us real insight into each and every job we send our models along to and it also enables us to give others just a little taste of what modelling with us can be like.

After carefully checking with our clients and production companies that no-one objects, we are able to post these pictures and films on our very active social media channels.

And these in turn act as very useful places for those just entering the business – or considering joining us – to see what modelling is really.

Signing up to be a model is a big step and one that should only be taken after great consideration.

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We always encourage those thinking of joining us to read through our website carefully, browse our many blogs, follow us on social media and read reviews from other models.

And seeing these photos and watching these videos highlighting exactly what goes on behind the scenes on one of our assignments can also be very powerful tools in helping someone decide whether or not to join us.

So to all our fantastic models, please take your phones with you and please get snapping!

Take pictures of the team around you in action when you aren’t being called upon yourself – and when you are on set, why not ask another model to take a few pictures for you?

These will be superb reminders of your special day and we – and all the other models and would-be models out there – would love to see them too!

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