Morrisons Café to Go with Female Model Regina

Published: 14th Feb 2023

Models Direct have teamed up with Morrisons once again for an in store photoshoot with our wonderful model, Regina. Let’s find out how the assignment went in this blog…

Final images of Models Direct female model Regina

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New to Models Direct’s blogs? Welcome to our modelling agency! Or maybe you’re already well-versed with our booking blogs – thanks for returning for more juicy bookings! Today we’re walking you through how a top UK-based supermarket chain, Morrisons, needed a female model to shoot stills for their latest promotion. Are you familiar with Morrisons Café to Go? Model Regina was selected by the chain to promote their delicious range. The vision was to get attention, get noticed, create interest, increase awareness and generate sales with this new feature making its way to stores across the nation.

Behind the scenes with Commercial model Regina

About Morrisons Cafe to Go

Founded in 1899, Morrisons have recently launched their Café to Go service so that customers can grab a quick bite to eat or a hot drink (or cold) while shopping because let’s face it, time whizzes past so quickly that the idea of eating and drinking in store works harmoniously. When you’re shopping, you’re surrounded by delicious food and drink, so chances are, after a long (or even short) trip around a store, you’ll be feeling peckish and thirsty. Shopping can also get tiring so sitting down for a bit to recuperate and regain energy is a great idea, whether it’s a quick nibble you’re after or longer resting period to take a break and relax.

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Café to Go typically offers hot and cold drinks, a range of sandwiches and pastries at low prices making this experience value for money, and not another inconvenient expense especially with the rising cost of living looming over us all. With added perks such as free Wi-Fi access and an ample, comfy seating area to enjoy your tea and cake, Café to Go needed a marketing campaign and Regina was right on it.

Behind the scenes for Morrisons modelling shoot

As part of her work for the day, Regina posed as a store customer, wearing non branded clothing so all eyes were on her and Morrisons’ café products placed in her hands. This was an exciting and unique experience as not every model gets the chance to have stills taken inside a well-recognised supermarket and here was Regina doing just that! All smiles and all-round delight was what leveraged the day’s work further (not to forget that our lovely model was paid for her time).

After the shoot Regina kindly shared her experience with some great feedback on how it all went:

Thanks to @modelsdirect for the opportunity! The shooting was well organised and the directions were clear. The communication between us was great. We really had a great time! Special thanks to Charlie for supporting me.

How the model selection process happens

Ultimately, the selection of a model, be it for editorial, commercial, promotional or high street fashion purposes, is often relied on the client’s specific needs and preferences, as well as the overall aesthetic and theme of the project. So when Regina was chosen for this gig, it was through the detailed client brief that our modelling expert team then went onto searching for their desired look and personality.

Upon reflection, we’ve seen how this new feature, Café to Go, won’t break the bank and we’ve got model Regina to thank for, demonstrating what a great ad means and what great services Morrisons are providing for their customers.

From our models’ perspective, the opportunity to be in front of the camera could potentially reach a large audience with a well-established brand, and if the campaign is well-received, it could lead to more modelling opportunities in the future. The modelling journey doesn’t have to stop here…MD has plenty of opportunities that come through our doors every day. Join Regina and our modelling squad, and have a great time learning new skills and earning extra money!

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