Morrisons for Mother’s Day

Published: 21st Aug 2023

Whether mums celebrated Mother’s Day with a glass of bubbly or by putting their feet up in front of their favourite TV show (with a box of choccies at the ready), we’re sure they thoroughly deserved their day of R&R.

One of our long-standing clients, Morrisons, had plenty on offer for sons and daughters looking to treat their mums this year. The supermarket is always proactive with their promotions, tempting customers with fabulous deals that appeal to happy shoppers all over the country.

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Our two models Shipra and Aditya were chosen by Morrisons to help market their Mother’s Day deals, and guess what? No prizes for guessing the promotional shoot went as smoothly as expected. Well, it’s hardly surprising, is it? When the UK’s no.1 modelling agency works alongside one of the most famous names in British retail, it was always going to be a winning formula.

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If you’re on our books and itching to work with big names just as Shipra and Aditya did, you’ve made the first step in securing work. The next step is keeping your modelling portfolio up-to-date. This greatly increases any model’s chances of being catapulted into the spotlight and gaining our client’s attention. If you haven’t added new photos to reflect your look, please do it soon. In fact, do it now!

Back to the Morrisons shoot! We love working with them, as they share a similar ethos with us: last year, after the wretched lockdowns simmered down, a Morrisons spokesperson stated that their customers “care about value, quality, provenance and service”, and that is where the supermarket’s focus was going to remain.

Before you could say “Tea for two, anyone?”, Morrisons had picked our happy modelling couple for shoots promoting their afternoon tea. Mouths watering? We bet theirs were!

The Mother’s Day treat certainly hit the mark, with their already popular afternoon tea at the exceptionally reasonable price of £10 for two people. The dainty delicacy is a quintessential English tradition, and the promotion was well received in all of Morrison’s cafés.

Shipra and Aditya beamed as they posed alongside sandwiches, scones, cakes, cream & jam – all presented on fancy hotel-style three-tiered stands. We nearly forgot about the pots of refreshing tea…Yorkshire Tea, of course! We wonder if Shipra and Aditya had room for their evening meal…
Relationships with clients are just as important as the rapport with our models. It’s a win-win process because they trust us to present them with the best models, and we know that our models will love assignments with them. We’ve been helping Morrisons with their campaigns for some years now, and the feedback has always been excellent.

In fact, our models for Morrisons’s Valentine’s Day shoot and their Halloween promotion last year went down a storm, so we look anticipate several more successful campaigns this year and beyond.
Value, quality and service. You better believe it!

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