Morrisons – Mother’s Day Campaign

Published: 24th Mar 2022

On UK calendars, Sunday 27th March marks two events that are sure to put a smile on faces throughout the country. Not only is the last Sunday this month the start of British Summer Time, it’s also Mother’s Day – what’s better than a celebration than a double celebration?

Mother’s Day is a special day for both mums and children. Sons and daughters of all ages relish pampering their mothers, so it’s always a day when restaurants should be fully booked and florists struggle to keep track of their fragrant stock. Not to mention huge numbers of cards delivered or posted, or thousands of boxes of chocolates wrapped up. It’s a nice day for all the family.

But some children are simply too young to be given the responsibility of popping into their local shop in the quest to purchase a gift for their beloved mum.

Enter Morrisons! The wonderful supermarket recently asked us to provide them with the perfect models to promote their “Pocket Money Menu” in time for Mother’s Day.

The campaign is a fantastic marketing idea, helped by family models to appeal to households everywhere. Like a lot of ingenious concepts, Morrisons’s “Pocket Money Menu” is simple, effective and effortlessly practical. The supermarket giants are launching a special Mother’s Day menu with every delicious item coming in under the £1 price tag, allowing children to spoil mums with their pocket money. Mouth-watering delights include crumpets, toasted teacakes, hot drinks and their legendary doughnuts, which are a snip at just 35p.  

Models Direct are no strangers to supplying top models with major businesses, and this assignment ticks all boxes. The models we put forward were Jaya and her son Ethan. They posed for photo stills in Cambridge, with the images appearing in major newspapers and renowned retail journals, including the Grocery Gazette and Grocery Trader.

Young Ethan was the epitome of confidence as he was photographed holding aloft the special menu in one hand, with a pound coin in his other. Other photos included Jaya holding Ethan as her son handed over his money to a friendly café assistant, and the family being served coffee, teacakes and crumpets.

Research reveals the average weekly pocket money for 4 to 10 year olds is a little over £4, so Morrisons have absolutely nailed it with their latest promotion. The “Pocket Money Menu” gives youngsters that little bit of independence, and could teach children the value of saving money – as well as spending it wisely! It was an exceptionally positive job that showed the merits of family modelling in a safe, enjoyable environment.

Morrisons has over 400 cafés, which emphasises the scale and importance of the assignment. We’ve worked with the supermarket giant before – with similar success. Details can be found by clicking on the link below:

Family modelling has always been one of the most popular and valuable genres for businesses, and the look on Ethan’s face was priceless: sheer, unbridled joy! Well done Ethan and Jaya, and we hope to recommend them for more top modelling assignments in the future.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there – whether you’re models or not!

Check out the links below if you’re thinking of modelling as a family. We have plenty of jobs for ambitious, close-knit families, so don’t hesitate to submit an application. It only takes a couple of minutes, and it could mark the start of an enviable, profitable modelling journey!


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