Mother and Baby modelling

Published: 5th Feb 2023

If you need a definition of “picture perfect”, have a look at gorgeous baby Penelope in her mother’s arms. Mum Stavroulla was left beaming with pride after a wonderful day’s shooting in our capital city.

Mother and Baby models Stavroullla and Penelope

The assignment was for a health campaign, so the images of radiant mum and daughter couldn’t have gone down any better for our client. Baby model Penelope was initially selected by our client, and Stavroulla was asked to step in to complete the ideal maternal image required for the assignment. She was more nervous than little Penelope, which was understandable considering it was her first commercial modelling job. But her nerves were soon relieved as she got to grips with the pleasures of modelling.

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As she told us after her success: “First timer here! My daughter, Penelope, was selected and they needed a mother role, so I thought why not? I was very anxious – not knowing what to expect – but it was a fab day out, and I enjoyed every moment. Everyone was so nice! From the start, communication with Models Direct was great all the way through to the people looking after us on the day! Fantastic!”

It goes without saying that a model’s wellbeing is a priority not be underestimated, but when a baby is asked to star in a modelling campaign, there’s understandably more emphasis put on welfare and safety. We know this all too well, and it’s one of the reasons we vet our clients before asking models to be a part of our advertised roles. It’s also worth mentioning that our booking process is made that much easier because we’ve worked with many of our clients for some time now and we’ve built up a solid, professional rapport with them. Therefore, making sure our models have the very best experiences by communicating with clients is part of our booking team’s duties – and they’re wonderful at it!

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Stavroulla and Penelope revelled in their modelling work, although the little ‘un was a little pooped out when the cameras finished rolling. As Mum said, “I think Penelope’s first day at work has tired her out! She was amazing for the crew! Happy, smiley baby!”

Just think – that was Penelope’s first ever job! When she’s older and asks her mum about work experience, Stavroulla can say with satisfaction that she was a model in her (very) younger days! Modelling can – and does – benefit a person’s future, no matter how early in life they are!

Our adorable couple’s recent modelling assignment can be classed as baby modelling, female modelling and family modelling. In Stavroulla and Penelope’s case, the presence of the mum was an integral addition to a solo baby job, and it increased the impact of the health campaign.

What a start to baby Penelope’s modelling career! If you’re a parent or guardian with a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed toddler (is it too soon to say “ambitious”?!), then we have the clients who’d very much like to see your talents in all sorts of modelling jobs up and down the country.

So parents of prospective modelling infants read more about our fun and brilliant modelling industry.

We’re excited about putting forward Penelope for more modelling roles, so why not join the party and submit a couple of photos of your beaming babies? We’ll look forward to seeing them!

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