Our models catch the Metro – on Nintendo Switch!

Published: 25th May 2020

When Deep Silver needed a group of models to launch their Metro Redux video game on Nintendo Switch, there was only one modelling agency up to the task – yep, you guessed it, Models Direct

Models who were selected for modelling shoot

The German-Austrian video game publisher was founded in 2002 and has since built an impressive portfolio in the entertainment industry, keeping gamers engrossed since 2003 with well over 100 published games. 

Developed in-house by 4A Games, Metro Redux is the latest addition to the Metro franchise, which originally kicked off in 2010 on PCs, Xbox and PlayStation. Now available on Nintendo Switch (over 50 million of the consoles have been shipped), the Redux title is expected to prove just as popular as its previous counterparts. 

Based on the bestselling novel Metro 2033 by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro Redux is a one-person shooter game with strong links to horror and survival. 

The protagonist, Artyom, was born a few days before an apocalyptic fire in Moscow in 2013 devastated Earth, causing the few survivors to retreat to the city’s metro system. Now in 2033, a whole generation has spawned underground, with the nuclear war having produced mutant monsters. Artyom has never seen life beyond the city limits, and must warn what’s left of mankind of the horrific threat. 

The recent trailer for Metro Redux has an eerie setting, with our seven models commuting on the Moscow Metro in the opening scenes. As a passenger plays the game on his Nintendo Switch, the atmosphere takes an ominous nosedive. 

The trailr can be viewed here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7nURQ4gn0c The content classification of Metro Redux – and other games – varies depending on the country in which it is bought. Most classifications for this game are “M” (for mature audiences) or “18” for adults only. Whilst some teenagers have reviewed the game and advised it may be suitable for a 15 year+ audience, Models Direct recommends viewing of the trailer for persons of 18 years or older only.

Our models certainly valued the experience, and had great fun in the process.

Here’s a selection of feedback from our models on the Metro Redux shoot: 

Rahul said, “It was an amazing day on set with my friends and we had a lot of fun.”

Model Rahul

“Yesterday was another great booking with Models Direct,” beamed Marco. “On a very cool set for a video game trailer in London, it was my second time working with the client, who were just as great this time around! Everyone was super-friendly and very professional, and I met some great people. It was a great opportunity and I look forward to more in the future. Thanks to Molly and the rest of the Models Direct team – much appreciated!”

Model Rahul

The trailer was Adam’s first experience on a set as an extra / background artist, and he immediately settled in well. “I had such a warm welcome from all the team,” he says, “including the other artists and Model Direct’s talents such as Anamaria, Marco and Hope. We connected with each other and I hope to meet them all again in future jobs with Models Direct. Thank you very much to Molly, who was very helpful and accommodating.”

Hope had similar positive feedback, and was on set the day after the booking. “The production team kept us entertained all day, so much so that the freezing weather didn’t feel quite as bad! Looking forward to my next shoot!”

Model Adam

It was Anamaria’s first experience with us as a video game extra. “The team was very friendly and I had fun. We’ve learned to bring extra layers with us when the weather is cold! I’m looking forward to my next projects.”

Model AnaMaria

If you want the chance to star in well publicised adverts and trailers, please get in touch with us.

We’ll do our best to expand your profile and leapfrog you into the limelight! 

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