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Published: 17th Sep 2023

We’ve always said that commercial modelling is for everyone, so it’s no surprise that we have assignments for the greatest range of talent to be found anywhere in the UK. This is not an idle boast – it’s a fact, and we’re proud to shout it from the rooftops of our busy head office in Norwich.

You may be wondering why we don’t specialise in just one or two types of models. Well, we could, but because our reputation grew as steadily as our ambition, we had many eager clients looking for a range of models to satisfy their needs. A growing list of clients meant we could never stick to a mere handful of modelling types; we’ve been supplying just about any type of model to any business for years, so the formula is tried-and-tested. In short, having an eclectic range of models is advantageous to everyone involved: us, our clients, and anyone who wants to dip their manicured toe into the crystal clear waters of the commercial modelling world.

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It would be nonsensical to attract a certain type of model if there is no demand. To use a true (but funny) example, consider this: a few years ago in Northern Ireland, a famous hardware retail chain withdrew a selection of mole repellents from its stores, despite the repellents being on sale to customers for several months. Why were the repellents recalled from all its Northern Ireland stores? Were they faulty? Were they too expensive? Nope. Wait for it…because moles don’t exist in Ireland.

See? If there’s no demand, there’s no product. Subsequently, the varied nature of our client’s requests demands that we have an assortment of models on our books, ready to leap into action when the camera or film starts rolling. Happy times!

We tend to separate our models into roughly 30 types. Though some are more popular than others, we treat them all as important. We value the strengths of every individual, and we provide industry advice to anyone wishing to commit to the cause.

On our books, we have traditional male and female adult models – that’s a given. Our plus-size models gain a huge number of assignments, as do our charming baby and toddlers. There is no bias to gender or age, because commercial modelling is one of the few types of work that literally anyone can have a go at. The more the merrier, as they say, and are models are most definitely merry!

Zoning in on more specific types, our families continue to reach audiences through enjoyable assignments, from appearing in marketing shoots for holiday parks to enjoying a bite to eat for supermarket promotions.

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We also book influencers, whose presence on all social media channels is growing. If you think you can add some influential weight to our client’s marketing needs, get in touch!

We’ve seen a welcomed rise in the number of disabled models requested by brands, and this trend looks set to increase. We’ve spoken a lot recently about diversity in the industry; our clients have known for a long time now that disability doesn’t hinder anyone’s chances of becoming a model. If you have the talent, flaunt it!

As the UK’s no.1 commercial modelling agency, we have the depth of talent to cater for any client looking for the very best range of models.

Apply to join us today and we look forward to welcoming you into our fold of multi-diverse models!

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