Published: 16th Dec 2021

Viva Italia! 

This blog comes with a certain panache. As the Italians might say, “Bravissimo!”

Why the Italian vernacular? Well, three of our talented models recently gained experience in front of the camera to shoot video content and still photos for one of the up-and-coming Italian fashion brands.

Italian, you say? Are they really? To which we say – don’t be so cynical! P448 was founded in 2014 and every single one of their products are made in Italy. In fact, their HQ is based on Via Ponte Vetero in central Milan. Talk about being in the heart of a city synonymous with all things chic. And if that isn’t enough, P448’s products are manufactured with materials that have minimal impact on the environment, and their vegan line of trainers are endorsed by “The Groover from Vancouver” – famous vegan Bryan Adams!

The assignment was shot in Shoreditch, East London, which provided the perfect backdrop for this classy job. The district has benefited from a recent gentrification, so what better area of the capital to shoot a modern campaign for a contemporary fashion house? Our trio of models certainly brought with them their A-Game, and the end result was everything that befits a fresh, modern designer: an urban chic setting with oodles of colour. And how our models got stuck into it!

The Casting Director for this assignment was Christine Pheldon – a seasoned pro and further evidence that all our clients know what they’re looking for with the necessary experience to spot talent when they see it.

The link below details father-and-daughter combo Stan and Olivia. They presented themselves as the ideal commercial models to promote P448’s trainers and their 100% organic Milk clothes range – The Milk Set! See how both cool and snug they look!


All decent agencies value feedback, so we were elated to hear they had as much fun as they appeared to be having. “We had an amazing time at our shoot with P448,” they said. “We loved every bit of the shoot from hair and makeup to dressing up. Charlie at Models Direct was very helpful and provided all the necessary information we needed. 5 star agency! Thank you and we’re looking forward to receiving more work in the future.” 

The next link, below, is a still of Stan and Olivia that encompasses the feel of the day in one shot: father and daughter in harmony decked out in the latest trends for P448. Does it get better than that? If you think it doesn’t, you only need to apply with us and you, too, could be the next star. Stan did exactly that, and before he knew it he was realising his dream of working with his daughter (and we must say, Olivia has a very bright future!)


Our third model, Valerie, was the epitome of style, rocking the shoot in P448’s designer trainers and trendy threads. Such was the success of Valerie’s experience with P448, she went on to secure two more assignments with us, and now has a presence on Instagram a lot of models can only dream of…a whopping 104,000!

Valerie commented, “It was a wonderful first experience with Models Direct. Everyone involved was fantastic, from Charlie in the booking team at MD, to the whole team – photographer, casting crew, stylists, hair and makeup artists.”

Check out Valerie’s modelling acumen by clicking on this link:


Valerie’s shoot is a wonderful example of how an aspiring model can flourish and then be seen by thousands of fans…simply starting off the process by contacting us. And look at her now!

P448’s success is down to their terrific products and effective marketing to customers…and our models were a crucial cog in their wheel of fortune!

If you fancy tasting some of Stan, Olivia and Valerie’s achievements, get in touch and we’ll see what you can bring to the table. It might not be an Italian-inspired assignment to be remembered for years, but it will be professional and enjoyable, and the jobs can be fitted around your schedule. Here’s the all-important application link:


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