Reasons to consider becoming a model right now

Published: 2nd Aug 2022

Any time is a great time to consider becoming a model, but this time of year can be especially good – and there are a number of reasons why…

Firstly, we are coming to the end of the summer season, people are returning from holidays and time off with their families ready to start work again.

In September, the schools, colleges and universities return, and everyone gets back behind their desks ready to focus on their work again.

Clients will be gearing up to start preparing their new advertising campaigns and promotions, and production teams will be thinking about carrying out film and photography shoots.

As soon as programmes are drawn up, our clients and their representatives will start contacting us.

They will tell us exactly what kinds of models they are looking for and we will spend time searching through our books for a strong selection of people to put forward.

Anyone who fits the bill and has completed their e-portfolio by then, will therefore be in with a chance of being selected by us and then potentially by our client.

Unbelievable as it may be, especially when the weather is so warm, this is also the time of year when Christmas and winter campaigns are pulled together.

Holiday is over Santa! Time to get started on those Christmas campaigns.

Our clients need to be ready for their festive promotions and New Year advertising campaigns and may well still be seeking models to take part.

Finally, the last reason to consider becoming a model right now is that there is no reason not to!

However busy you are, modelling work can usually be fitted in around your full-time job and other pastimes.

There simply is no point waiting for a better time – because it may never come!

We are always in need of new models of all ages, appearances, sizes and backgrounds – our clients want models who look like you and me, as we are now, as well as how we will look in the future.

So why not spend these last days of summer giving some thought to whether you think you could be a model and whether you would enjoy it?

Read what other people who model with us think about us, as well as about the assignments we send our models on and the work itself.

And then if you are interested, don’t delay.

After all, there is no time like the present and very often no reason to wait to join us!

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