Safe and Sound: Maternity and Baby Modelling for British Lion Eggs

Published: 6th Mar 2023

We all want to know the food we are eating is safe for us and for our loved ones – and that is especially true when we are pregnant or are giving food to babies and toddlers.

Models Direct was asked to supply maternity and baby models for the British Lion scheme, which ensures eggs are safe for consumption.

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Some 90 per cent of the UK eggs stacked on shop and supermarket shelves are now produced under this programme, which was launched back in 1998.

Since then, the scheme has overseen strict food safety controls and has been responsible for a huge reduction in salmonella in eggs in this country,

And, as such, consumers are able to be reassured whenever they see a red lion stamp on an egg

The Food Standards Agency has recently confirmed that British Lion eggs are even safe to be consumed runny, or even raw, by vulnerable groups.

Baby model Gracie

And this is where the recent campaign came in.

The organisation wanted pregnant women to feel reassured about eating any eggs with the red lion mark on – and that parents could be confident about feeding them to their babies.

Maternity model Marta took on the role of a pregnant mother for the campaign. She was paid £150 and had a great time.

This is what she said afterwards:

“I had an absolutely lovely day shooting for British Lion eggs latest campaign: I enjoyed it a lot, it was great fun and the people I met were very nice and helpful.

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“The atmosphere was great and overall it was a great experience! I hope I get a chance to do this again in the future!

“I will recommend Models Direct to all my friends!”

Little Gracie, one of our baby models, also took part in the campaign shoot and earned £150.

This is how her mum summed up the experience:

“Gracie had a lovely day doing a photo shoot for British Lion eggs!” she said.

“She was smiling and giggling for the camera all day.

“Considering this was her first time, everyone on the job said she was a natural.

“Thank you Models Direct! We really enjoyed the day and can’t wait to do another.”

Are you pregnant and perhaps interested in maternity modelling? Or perhaps you have a bonny baby that you think would be just perfect in an advert or campaign?

If so, then, why not apply now and find out just how much fun commercial modelling and family modelling can be.

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