SLEEP London X Pro Blo – Taking Special Care of our Models

Published: 22nd Mar 2021

At Models Direct, we understand the importance of looking after our models, and never has this been more important that during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our models Abinaya and Clavel accepted an assignment for Pro Blo’s new SLEEP London X brand, where they each had to take on the role of a woman returning home after a busy day.

The shoot was planned in detail, and carefully risk assessed, in line with Covid safety regulations and restrictions, going above and beyond government guidelines.

Everyone involved was socially distanced at all times and they were all temperature checked on arrival of set. Masks were worn by the models, photographers and crew – and only removed by Abinaya, Clavel and the other models just before shooting and at a safe distance from everyone else.

The campaign focused on four very different women who all chose the new SLEEP London X products and, in addition to stills, saw the team shoot a short video.

Despite the stringent procedures that had to be followed, Abinaya and Clavel thoroughly the collaboration throughout the event and the whole female modelling experience.

This is what Clavel said afterwards:

“It was a mixture of photos and a video, promoting a new brand. I had so much fun on the set. Everyone was really, really nice. When I got there my make-up was done by a fabulous lady, who was very caring and asked if I was happy with the look and comfortable with my hair and could I move around easily. The photo shoot was easy. I played the character of a sporty woman who just came back from the gym and chose to use the products before going to bed. I was asked to flop on the bed and look comfy and then use the products. Overall it was a fun set. I met so many people, including other models and the founder of this new SLEEP London brand. I feel like I have gained so much more experience as a model and that I am now ready for something similar to this experience in the future.”

Abinaya said this about her modelling experience:

“I had my first shoot organised by Models Direct this week for the launch of Sleep.London and ProBloUK, and it was a great first shoot!! Everyone on set made me feel comfortable and I felt reassured the entire shoot. Overall, I loved the first experience and now feel confident to do more!”

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