Spring is here!


Published: 20th Mar 2020

Spring is my favourite season! Not just because the weather gets warmer or that the days are feeling longer or even seeing the beautiful daffodil bloom. All of that is lovely… but the main reason I love spring is because of the fashion

When it comes to Spring, you know all the shops are filled with new and bright clothing. What I do love about the shops in spring is that they sell both winter and summer clothing. Jumpers and bikinis in one shop. 

Outfit choices in Spring

My go to ‘day out shopping’ outfit would be light blue high-waisted mom jeans and a cute cropped oversize jumper with a pair of big statement earrings… maybe thick gold hoops and a gold necklace to match. Pair this with some chunky white trainers and a cute small cross over bag.  When it comes to the hair, I love the messy bun look with a coloured scrunchie and the make up to look as natural as possible… but of course with a whole lot of highlighter. Highlighter is always a yes! 

Work outfits – I love to ‘I’m a business woman but also keeps it casual’ look, the smart high-waisted trouser, casual short sleeve tee with a write slogan on it and a smart blazer, styled with a pair of statement earrings and again that cute cross over bag. Shoes… could be with a pair of flat pumps, white trainers or a pair of smart shoes (wouldn’t go for boots). Another lovely outfit for work would be a midi flowy skirt and a causal short sleeve tee tucked in. A pair of hoop earrings, a dainty necklace and lots of rings. Paired with a small fashionable rucksack and some, not so chunky, white trainers. 

Hair and Make up in Spring

I like to go for the more natural look but with lots of highlighter on the cheeks and just under the eyebrow. When the sun shines on you, it just make me glow and feel vibrant! It tends to be quite windy in Spring, so most of the time I have my hair up in a messy bun, or down but with loose curls and a peal hair clip on the side on the hair. 

What is also so amazing about Spring is all the exciting possibilities there is for the Summer. All the festival’s headliners are announced, booking the summer holiday with your friends, family or a loved one, and thinking of all the days of sitting outside in the sun have a cold drink and chatting to your friends for hours at the local beer garden. Spring is the season to prepare for Summer… and I am ready for it. Are you? and while we prepare take photos, photos, photos!

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