Star Pets – welcome to animal modelling

Published: 9th Sep 2022

Who doesn’t love animals?! They’re cute, cuddly, charming, intelligent, interactive and intuitive. We’ve kept the positive points short and sweet but the list could go on. Models Direct share the same love of animals and enjoy seeing all the applications we receive for our special Starpets division for pet owners who are interested in modelling.

Rise in pet ownership during lockdown

The UK saw a surge in pets being bought into family homes to beat loneliness and anxiety attached to self-isolation during the lockdown. This is not surprising since animals can help with mental health and emotional support such as anxiety and depression.

3.2 million households added a pet to their family unit according to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association where the UK now has 34 million pets! Out of this, 12 million comprises cats and dogs, 3.2 million are counted as small mammals such as hamsters and guinea pigs, 3 million are birds and 1.5 million are reptiles.

Meeting the demand

The increased demand for animals has meant that our agency is eager to see all those lovely pets and connect them to brands and companies that are looking for help with their marketing and advertising. Our agency has been specialising in this industry for 30 years so we have acquired solid, insider knowledge about all the nuts and bolts in our business. We won’t just leave it at that though – having a vast length of industry experience is one thing. We’ll show you which projects our pet wonders have been booked for and let you decide if your adventurous animal could be crafting a career for themselves and earning money for it.

Our purrlicious projects

We have been privileged to meet our star animals who have got into the limelight and helped create refreshing campaigns for renowned brands. Pets at Home, Felix, Stella McCartney and Lancôme are some examples of companies who have approached us seeking pet models. We have lots of blogs to share the latest scoop about our recent animal-based projects so tuck in when you’re free.

The next steps…

If you’re looking at your pet now thinking about the possibility of them becoming a model, well, you’re at the right place to start the ball rolling. Models Direct can kick-start the process and continue it. You call the shots from the word go where your online application will be whisked away through the special powers of the internet. It’ll land on our side of the screen and we’ll get to work to know you and your pet better. The rest will be history…

We will aim to get your pet in the spotlight for amazing modelling opportunities. After sharing the lockdown together, modelling will take it up a notch when it comes to sharing enjoyable moments with your pet. We’re sure you’ll both love the time together, strengthening your bond further and helping you both increase your network of friends.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for your pet to be considered today. 

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