Start-Rite Shoes

Published: 24th Jun 2021

Models often take tiny steps to becoming stars in the industry, and there’s no better example than when two of our budding models – Albie and Cash – we asked to pose for the latest collection of children’s shoes by Start-Rite.

From casual canvas to making an impression at school with pristine leather footwear, Start-Rite manufactures a variety of shoes for babies and children. They know that finding the right shoes for growing children is just as important as finding the right style, so Albie and Cash couldn’t wait to model lace-ups galore at a gorgeous Norfolk location. Sounds like the perfect modelling assignment, right? Well, we don’t think Cash and Albie had any complaints!

The young duo’s brief was to pose for stills for Start-Rite’s latest collection of super shoes. Set over two days, it was a glorious advert for our junior models. For any parents looking into modelling for their children, the following points are useful to know:

1. Cash and Albie were always looked after on and off set, and their parents praised the safety aspect of the modelling shoots.

2. The photo campaign will be released later in the year, meaning our clients always look ahead when it comes to booking models – organisation is key!

3. Who knows – Cash and Albie could grow up as friends just from this one job!

4. Similar to hundreds of other child modelling assignments, the Start-Rite campaign gave Cash and Albie more confidence, which they can utilise in their daily routines. Plus – of course – getting paid to model a fabulous range of trendy footwear is a bonus!

We shouldn’t need to provide proof of the two day shoot’s success, but we’re always proud to receive parental feedback from all our junior modelling assignments. Albie’s parents told us; “Albie had a fab first in with Start-Rite Shoes. The bookings team at Models Direct are so lovely. Great experience with Models Direct!”

Cash’s parents couldn’t praise the experience highly enough: “Very professional. Does what is says on the tin. Very organised and considerate. The staff were excellent. Simple and straightforward.”

We like to read between the lines with our top notch feedback. Whilst a lot of evaluations need not to be dissected, we’ll take a comment from Cash’s parents as an example: “Does what it says on the tin.” This supports our booking ethos, from initially speaking to our client, right through to following up with the model / parent post-campaign. It’s important for our models to know there is no “small print”, and that we ask for the booking fee from our clients before the assignment. That means our models don’t wait for their hard-earned payment, because the client’s money is already in our account. Moreover, our models are paid within five working days – a statutory requirement in the modelling industry. It really “does what it says on the tin”. Have a look at other reviews and information about child modelling – juniors are always in demand!

Start-Rite Shoes provided a platform on which Cash and Albie can progress, and earn more experience – all in a safe environment aided by professionals. Your children could soon be joining our list of ambitious, fun-loving juniors. Our application form is always available!

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