Stay Fit While You Are at Home

Published: 27th Apr 2020

For many of those in the modelling industry, exercise is a key part of life and over the coming weeks we are going to have to find increasingly innovative ways to do so.

Fashion models, and those hoping to become a model, will be among those heeding government advice, and staying at home or social distancing when necessary.

We may no longer be able to go to our gyms and exercise classes and this could have a detrimental effect on our mental wellbeing as well as our physical health.

For children and those involved in modelling for teenagers, keeping active will also be important.

There may be times when we can go walking, cycling or running out in the fresh air, while carefully following current guidelines regarding proximity to others.

But at other times, we might have to find ways to keep ourselves moving at home.

Allocate a Daily Slot to Exercise

Choose a time every day when you will exercise. Start with a warm-up and then find something that will challenge and keep you interested.

If you are lucky enough to have a space in your home which you can keep solely for exercise, then why not keep all your equipment out here permanently? 

If not, then find a corner of a room, where you can keep all your bits and pieces and bring them out as necessary.

This will help and encourage you to stay motivated and to separate exercise time from the rest of your daily activities in the house.

Use What You Have at Home

Most of us won’t have a dusty old static exercise bike we can suddenly bring back into use, but if we do then now is certainly the time to dig it out!

Otherwise, think about what you have in your home that you can use. 

Bags of flour and tins of beans can make great weights, for example.

If you have stairs, then use one of these carefully like an exercise step. You will burn calories, build muscle tone and boost your cardiovascular health.

Make the Most of the Internet

The internet will offer everyone, including those keen to find or get back to modelling jobs in the future, many opportunities for keeping fit.

Firstly, find out if your own gym, exercise class or club will be running on-line sessions over the coming weeks.

If not, then surf the net looking for programmes to follow or classes to log into. You will find everything from yoga and pilates to aerobics and gym-style workouts.

Many of these are free but you will also come across pay-as-you go sessions to take part in, as well as courses to sign up to.

Exercise together

Much of your exercise time will be when you want to follow your own personal routine or regime but why not find time to do an exercise class with other people in the household as well?

Alternatively, you could hook up with friends and family via videophone or a teleconferencing app and all exercise together from within your own homes.

Make exercise fun during this strange time we have ahead of us – and use it for social interaction as well as physical fitness.

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