Published: 23rd May 2022

Training is crucial in most workplaces, so when a top training and resource company in Colchester required a few models to feature in their video, all they had to do was pick up the phone and contact us. It’s as simple as that!

Clients throughout the UK and Europe have looked to us for their modelling needs for decades, so we had just the right models for them. It was a double “thumbs up” for our illustrious bookings team once again!

The shoot for the training video required five models, and the assignment spanned over two days. It was a bit of a whopper, but luckily our models had all the necessary skills to pull it off.

We like it when a group of models pull together and work as a team to make the whole assignment an overwhelming success. Sometimes, group jobs can be a little tricky, what with the travel and the filming times scheduled in advance. The chance that a little mishap can occur increases when the assignment calls for multiple models – it’s only natural considering the number of models required to be in the same place at the same time. Don’t get us wrong – we’ve organised groups of models for the same assignment plenty of times before, and with spectacular results. But occasionally they can present certain predicaments…

Our five models had never met before, but you couldn’t tell. Immediately gelling, they got together like long-lost friends and thoroughly enjoyed their two day’s work. Did we say “work”? Pah! One of our models, Anne, said, “Everyone was so friendly…we laughed so much…it really shouldn’t be called ‘work’!”

Model compatibility is vital to make group assignments happen. It’s a point worth mentioning, as several of our models have made friends whilst “on set”, and our booking team try to put forward the best-suited talent for our clients; it’s another reason why we’re so trusted by our clients and models.

Comprising both film and photography, the end user reaping the rewards of the two days’ job was MIP UK, who supply textile healthcare products to those that most need them, be it protective sheets for mattresses or laundry items. Supplying models to help businesses achieve their promotional goals is one thing, but to assist them in helping others is a nailed-on bonus for all involved!

As expected from such a well organised, fun modelling assignment for five models, we had heaps of great feedback. Let’s get to it:

“Five complete strangers came together and we may or may not see each other again, but I felt we left as friends,” said Stephen. “Krissie and Aaron from MIP UK were both lovely and explained everything that was needed of us. We had a ball doing it and I’m smiling writing this review. We were fed and watered and made to feel a part of the MIP UK family. I hope that the finished photography and videos are a massive success and help with their future business.”

Stephen’s review says it all. In a nutshell, it was a blast.

But there’s more!

Doris beamed; “It was a great experience for a first assignment. The clients were friendly and their instructions were easy to follow. I had a good laugh with the other models. Thanks to Charlie for your last minute phone call to check if I was ready!” (That’s one of the things Charlie does best!)

“I absolutely loved the job, and learned a lot from it too,” commented Sreeka. “The organisation was extremely friendly and gave us clear instructions which made the job so easy. We all got on really well and had a blast which made the job fun and the days flew by.”

Bankole said; “It was truly an amazing first shoot in spite of the initial anxieties. The chemistry of the model group was fantastically positive and the client was very supportive. I really had a lot of fun so thank you for that.”

See how those nerves can easily disappear when you’re around a positive, fun-loving, engaging group?

What an epic assignment, and what an epic result!

If this doesn’t give you the extra push needed to kick-start your modelling career, then we don’t know what will!

Well done to everyone involved – and that includes Training2CARE and MIP UK.

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