Urban Space Cardiff

Published: 3rd Jan 2022

Four of our models recently took a trip to the Welsh capital for an ultra stylish assignment…

Urban Space are industry leaders in serviced spaces, which comprises offices, apartments and accommodation for construction workers. Short-stay apartments were particularly well-received during the pandemic, as residents could feel safer in these self-contained spaces than in the more expansive hotels.

They have four locations in the Greater Cardiff area, with their Barry location situated on the UK’s first urban high street of its kind. Yes, on this street, you can live, work, eat, socialise and play, and with Urban Space’s foresight, residents don’t have to travel to have a fully-balanced lifestyle. Kind of takes the hassle out of a busy commute / social life, right?

It’s this kind of planning that makes Urban Space an all-rounder in the serviced spaces business. They wanted to promote what customers can have at their fingertips: that is, fashionable living quarters or fully-equipped office space with meeting rooms and areas for all kinds of events. So, what was their first action plan? They knew that direct promotion with “live” people is often the most effective form of advertising and, as is necessary, they needed down-to-earth people to star in their photos and video shoots. But who to call? Where to find these people? And if they were available, would they be any good in their promotional duties?

So many questions! It can be a head scratcher for companies on the lookout for the perfect people to make their promotions really stand out. But it shouldn’t be at all. Well, it was a cinch for a progressive firm like Urban Space, because they knew the best course of action to take – contacting an agency with a wealth of talent on their books…like us! So when Urban Space got in touch, we put forward the best talent, and they then chose the models that best fitted their campaign. Job sorted!

For our booking team, it’s important to know our client’s brief before presenting our models to them. In this instance, Urban Space is an innovative company appealing to professionals and holiday-makers, so we wanted to give them the best choice of fashionable adults to match their target audience.

Step up Lazlo, Zoila, Marco and Sian. Our four models were the definition of what commercial models should be used for – portraying real people in a series of photo shoots and filming recordings to show off all that fantastic companies have to offer.

As we constantly emphasise, our models don’t need to have had prior modelling experience. For Sian and Zoila, Urban Spaces was their first assignment. And their response? See for yourselves:

“Fantastic first shoot – amazing! I was hired on short notice and they gave me extra time to get prepared. The welcome was lovely and everything was so relaxed. I made great contacts and the advice given to me by the crew was brilliant. It was a fantastic start to my modelling journey!” Well, thanks Sian!

Zoila is an experienced model, but Urban Spaces was Zoila’s first one for us. Zoila said, “This one just felt right…the experience was amazing and we all blended as a big family. I will definitely do it again!”

Marco’s feedback was also exactly what we wanted to hear: “Lovely people, easy-going and lots of fun. I hope to work with them again.”

“It was a professional environment,” confirmed Lazlo. “I enjoyed working with the other talent, and the photographer was easy to work with and well experienced. I recommend Models Direct as they look after you!”

If your New Year’s resolution is to be more proactive and kick-start your commercial modelling career, apply with us now and see where it takes you in 2022.

Just like our four models, you could soon see yourself starring in lucrative promotional assignments for clients like Urban Spaces.



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