We Are Part of the Plus Size Modelling Revolution

Published: 7th Feb 2020

…because Modelling has no size restriction

We love the term “diversity” because we understand it’s part of truly representing the population. The modelling and fashion industries are now including plus size models in their shows and campaigns opening the doors to models of all shapes and sizes – woo hoo!

Here at Models Direct, we want all those gorgeous plus size women AND men out there joining our revolution. Not everyone has to be a size 0 and why should they be? Conforming to weight expectations is as hard as it is! That’s NOT reality and we too want to bring something real to the modelling arena. Representing people with models who are closer to the true population’s overall size or celebrating the array of sizes is our goal.

Adding in the plus size equation, not subtracting it!

Define a plus size we hear you ask?

Just in case you don’t know, we have covered a plus-size basic answer for you right here…

Believe it or not, we actually don’t exactly know what is defined as a plus-size! Funny that but it’s utterly true. Every company has their sizing guide of which UK dress size they start their plus size range from. However, as a general guide looking at high street retailers like Boohoo, ASOS and Yours Clothing, size 16 is the starting point for plus size clothing. And guess who is showcasing those gorgeous, must-have statements? Yep, you got it! Gorgeous plus size models.

Plus-size models on Instagram

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check these ten plus-size models, bloggers and celebrities on their Instagram accounts. These ladies have a large social media following and it’s no wonder why!

  • Jada Sezer
  • Simone Charles
  • Sonny Turner
  • Saffi Karina
  • Hayley Hasslehoff
  • Ashley Graham
  • Stephanie Yeboah
  • Marquita Pring
  • Brielle Anyea Cunningham
  • Bree Kish

There’s no holding these beauties back! They are all stars; bold and proud of their bodies and sizes, regularly pushing the body image boundaries with wacky and funky pics and posts. They love instilling confidence-boosting vibes into their readers and followers with meaningful and profound comments about how body size shouldn’t matter.

Curvalicious people, here are some fun plus-size stats and info (according to PwC’s UK plus-size market review 2017)

  • The plus-size market is estimated to be worth a whopping £6.6bn
  • Forecast for 2020 is predicted to be £7.9bn
  • Women’s plus-size clothing market worth £4.7bn
  • Plus-size specialists include: Evans, SimplyBe, Curvisa, Navabi and Yours
  • Plus-size generalists include: Very, Next, Dorothy Perkins, Asos, Primark, George and F&F

Curvy and trendy

As a plus-size model, you don’t need to worry about not being fashionable or on-trend. There are lots of retailers out there, both specialists and generalists, that have cleverly tapped into this booming market. Too right! Why should you have to sacrifice your style because of size? This perfectly fits in with modelling! There’s always a need for models of the plus-size bracket, from clothes through to any other form of marketing so don’t be duped into thinking otherwise. There IS a need for curvy models.

To all of you reading this! Want to be the next plus-size model?

Our plus-size modelling agency can help you gain the experience, knowledge AND confidence you need to take the modelling industry by storm. Submit your details and register with us at Models Direct to let your curvy plus-size modelling journey begin! We will put your look forward whenever it is called for by a client and you will hear back if they are interested in showcasing your talent. Let’s get diversity out there.

So, what are you waiting for ladies? Ready, steady, apply!

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