Welcome to Our Age-Positive Movement: Calling all Mature Models

Published: 30th Mar 2020

In a youth-obsessed society, it’s no wonder why mature age talent might feel deterred to come forward as models. Models Direct is trying something different though. Just as the body-positive movement has grown, we support the age-positive movement too! 

“Not at your age?!”

First off: modelling has no age limit. The whole not-at-your-age saying seriously needs to be binned! Anyone can enjoy modelling – if the ideal body shape stereotype is being challenged then so should the age stereotype! Who said you can’t rock your style and kick-start a career in modelling if you’re over 40?! 

There IS work out there for you!

Our mature age talent agency welcomes anyone over 40 to join our age-positive agenda because we know that there IS a demand for models to come on board. In fact, we have a shortage of models which is why we are raising this matter. The more you observe the ads out there, the more you see that older people are being included in commercials and yes, they are breaking through and reaching the runway too. With the likes of Nicola Griffin, Jacky O’Shaughnessy and Marie-Sophie Wilson, you can gain some inspiration that there ARE models ready to strut the runway, break down barriers and show the world that age is a number but not a limitation. Long-standing models such as Kate Moss, Tyra Banks, Claudia Schiffer are still going strong too! 

Mature model Elizabeth filming on location in South of France

Types of work that embrace age diversity 

Aside from hitting the runway, there is work available for mature age talent who are contemplating on a new journey but are a touch unsure or nervous about the new prospect. Let’s go through some examples to show you where your mature modelling journey can take off if you embark on this unique and exciting adventure! You can help promote the following industries:

1) Insurance companies; car, life, travel, mobile…

2) Anti-ageing skincare and haircare!

3) Adult education and courses 

4) Dating websites and companies

5) Pensions and retirement 

6) Friends and family-orientated activities 

7) Food and health

The list is endless; we didn’t want to stop there. All areas that have been mentioned welcome age diversity so mature age talent, rethink your modelling opinions again! There are lots of industries out there that need your help. 

It’s time for well-travelled trailblazers to join us! (That’s you!!!)

Models Direct represents and casts mature fashion models, commercial models, mature female models and mature male models to name a few categories. We are on that age-positive movement – 100%! So, if you’re a silver fox waiting to be found – 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and over, why not join us by signing up and embracing this growing opportunity. 

Imagine someone asking what you do in your spare time and the look on their face when you tell them that you’re a model! A big bonus of being one is, of course, that you’ll earn money for doing something fun rather than slogging behind a desk somewhere! And if you’ve retired, this could be your perfect portal for earning extra cash! You’ll get to meet new people along the way, network and grow your friends and professional hub too. What’s not to love about this plan, eh?

Existing models alert!

If any existing younger models are reading this blog, encourage your parents, grandparents, friends and family to join our modelling age revolution! A gentle nudge will do and if that doesn’t work, show them the models that are making this scene the place to be. They’ll definitely thank you for it because modelling is an out-of-the-box career!!! 

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