Who are Our Clients?

Published: 12th Jun 2023

We’re answering some of your FAQs. Who our clients are gets asked frequently so this handy little blog intends to explain it all in one place.

Across our website content and social platforms you’ve more than likely seen clients pop up. With your hand rubbing your chin, you might be wondering who these much-talked-about clients are. Are they you – the reader? Are they the people behind our agency? Or are they professionals we deal with to supply our models to? Hands up, anyone? Yup, you got it – they’re the latter!

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Clients of 2023 (so far!)

Models Direct will take a look at who has booked models with us so far since we kicked off 2023. Many are MD alumni making history, which we’re continually featuring in our booking blogs, but for many, this year has been their first time touching base.

Check out if you can spot our clients that you’re familiar with:

Ford, Wakefield Council, Pizza Express, The NICI, Trendy Golf, Wilkinson Sword, Hawaiian Tropic, Centrepoint, The Big Softy Hoodie, Kellogg’s, Ideal World, Events 105, Petlab Co, Boots, EasyJet, National Trust, Orangebox, Morrisons, Sodastream, Crystal Palace Football Club, Luxury Student Living, British Lion Eggs, Deep Silver, Poundland, Holland and Barrett, Park Holidays, and The Academy are just some of the companies who landed in our inbox or desk requesting for our lovely models to help navigate their campaigns this year.

Our wonderful clients, who range anywhere from experts in the motor industry to leaders in healthy food and wellbeing, have either used our service once or often come back for multiple campaigns where we’ve been allowed to build long-lasting relationships with them.

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Our Models Direct team understands the nuts and bolts of their business, what drives them, their motivations, what they forecast their future to look like, and their upcoming marketing campaigns – their purpose, goal and vision – which we embark on our journey together to make it a success.

We listen and deliver

Our expert modelling team at our MD HQ listen to our clients because ultimately, what they need is what we’re here to support and cater for. If they need a family modelling unit comprising of grandmum, aunt and son aged 5, our specialists check our modelling hub to match our models as close to their brief as possible. We present who we’ve selected and then let our clients make the decision. We don’t intervene or sway their choice, ever! Who they choose to take forward is who they choose.

Representing our clients and models

Models Direct have been part of so many winning campaigns since our curation over thirty years back. We’ve sailed through calm and stormy waters (the latter referring back to the upheaval the world experienced a few years ago) but we’ve blazed a trail through the modelling industry because we’ve always wanted to represent our clients and our models the way they deserve! Fair and square; straight to the point and precise.

If you’d like to learn more about who we’ve collaborated with, please head on over to our booking blogs to get the latest lowdown through the eyes of models. We hope you’ve enjoyed this little read and it clears up anything cloudy or unclear. If there’s anything extra you’d like to learn about, feel free to get in touch with our MD team.

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