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Published: 21st Sep 2023

Most achievements don’t happen overnight.

Sure, a good slice of fortune is as welcomed as a hearty hug, and we all need a little bit of luck in our lives. But we can’t rely on it – instead, success usually stems from hard work, knowledge and sticking to a tried-and-tested formula. We’ve stuck to our guns for a long time now, allowing our business to grow and evolve with the times, updating and modernising aspects of how we work when it suits. We’ve achieved a lot over the years, and our success only makes us wanting to taste more of it.

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We’re here to help our models attain their goals, and we’re here to assist our loyal clients with their memorable marketing and advertising promotions. Without either party we wouldn’t be able to share our successes, so we consider both of vital importance.

Most of our clients respect our processes; their reviews are a testament to the way we work, as well as their own procedures once our models are on-set. We always give our modelling talent the best chance to thrive, from making sure their travelling arrangements are taken care of, to asking for evaluations post-assignment. But, as we say, it’s a two-way street, and so we value our clients in the same way we respect our models.

Therefore, we’d like to summarize to our clients why choosing Models Direct is the most effective way to gain the best variety of commercial models for their marketing requirements. We know that technical gadgetry and gimmicks play a part in appealing to consumers, but is there a genuine substitute for an all-singing, all-dancing human model? We don’t think so!

Firstly, our team at our Norwich head office is always contactable for every query a client may have. We operate on the premise that a human touch is always better than any generic, non-personal automated system. Clients appreciate this, and the results evidently reflect this.

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Secondly, we actively encourage our models to update their portfolios to accurately reflect their looks. We know that clients don’t want any surprises once a MD model greets them on Assignment Day. Our booking team respects that models love to try new fashions, although they should look like their portfolio image – it’d be a waste of everyone’s time if a client chose a male model with flowing auburn locks only to find that in the last few days the gentleman has nipped to his local barbers for a no.2 all-over shave.

Each of our models has a growing portfolio with up to 20 pictures and video reels. This helps us pick the best-suited talent for our clients. We recommend a handful of models, so clients can hand-pick the one they think will be the most effective. No short measures here!

Thirdly, we deliver whatever our client is looking for. It could be a loving family of five, a group of 50 models for a national advert, or even a collection of (well-behaved) dogs. The amount of modelling talent on our books is incomparable with any other agency: we have mature models, toddlers whose parents would love to see working with professionals, fabulous plus-size models, teenagers and…oh, we might as well say it – we’ve got our clients covered by having every type of model on our books. And that includes hundreds of pet models, each one a Starpet in their own right.

Additionally, we have a terrific booking system that has served us well. Requesting any model is so simple that a lot of our clients find it takes them just a couple of minutes to fill in the essentials, and before they know it we’ve responded with a selection of models. Easy-peasy, right? That’s the way we like it, and we know our clients do, too.

Lastly, we’re proud to say that most of our in-house team have been with us for many years. This needs emphasising for two reasons: 1. They are professionals in commercial modelling and know exactly what clients want; sometimes it’s scary! 2. They enjoy their work and don’t want to go anywhere else. That in itself says a lot…

Like we say, achieving great things doesn’t happen overnight. We’ve been in it for the long-haul, and our clients have been at our side.

New to Models Direct or have seen the talent we offer already? Either way, here is the all-important link to hire models.

We look forward to working with you!

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