Models Direct – Experts at Interpreting a Client’s Brief

Published: 1st Sep 2023

Having partnered national and international companies for more than three decades now, Models Direct understands exactly how to interpret a client’s brief.

We have worked with those requesting models for a magnitude of different shoots, campaigns and other projects – and we can deliver to their exacting requirements.

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As a reputable, fully government-vetted employment agency we manage an extensive list of models, from babes in arms right up to octogenarians.

We represent individual male and female models, as well as whole families and couples.

We have models of a wide variety of heritages, backgrounds and appearance on our books and we embrace diversity in everything we do.

We represent pets, as well as people, and no assignment is ever too big or too small for us.

Whether our clients require one model or 100, we can step up and ensure they have exactly who they need, when and where they are required.

Our success is down to our highly professional, extremely experienced team members who have found models for jobs right across the UK, Europe and beyond.

When new clients come to us with requests, our team investigates each and every one thoroughly.

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Once they are satisfied the client is genuine, they then examine and interpret the brief before poring over the portfolios of our models to provide a premium selection to choose from.

Every step of the way, our team members endeavour to make the whole process as smooth and seamless as possible for our clients.

The client then has the final choice as to which models they would like for their assignment – before handing the process back to Models Direct to manage.

We ensure our models are fully prepared, understanding where they need to be, when they need to be there and whether they need to wear or bring anything specific.

Our team members are on hand to deal with any problems that might crop up before, during and after the shoot and they ensure our models are paid promptly after each job.

Models Direct is deeply embedded in the modelling industry: we understand the finer details of what is required and we know where the challenges might arise.

This means we can meet any problems head on and ensure they are dealt with swiftly and competently.

It is because we have this level of understanding and experience that so many of our clients have remained with us for so long.

And it is because of the professional service we offer that new clients choose to approach us with their briefs and then also return to us time and time again.

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