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Golding Family

We have just got back from the South of France where we filmed a commercial as a family for ‘Oliver’s Travels’. It was a truly amazing experience! We stayed in an unbelievable villa and saw some beautiful sights! Thank you so so much Models Direct for getting us this job!! We absolutely loved it! Coral Golding. Read more about this family modelling assignment.

Burton Family

Yet again another fab day on an assignment for Models Direct. We have had a brilliant day on our photo shoot for a pensions brochure. Meqele, Ben and Simon all looked after us really well and made the day so much fun. We started our day in a home environment, baking and having fun in and around the house. We then moved on to the Battersea Park zoo, the kids thought it was amazing, especially feeding and petting the animals. We finished off with ice cream and playing ball in Battersea park. What a fun filled day, very tiring but lots of fun. A big thanks to Marie from Models Direct for putting us forward for the job. We look forward to more adventures soon. The Burton Family Read more about this family modelling assignment

Burton Family

Hello from the Burton family. We’ve just been to Slough to do a photoshoot for the NSPCC for the ‘Messathone’. As you can see, we’re all pretty tired, pretty dirty, ready for bed now but had an absolutely brilliant day. Thank you to Models Direct for putting us forward for the job, it’s been absolutely brilliant. Kids have loved it and we’re looking forward to doing another assignment soon. Thank you. Bye. Read more about this family modelling assignment

Friend Family

Working as a modelling family is a mixture of excitement and apprehension. As any mum knows if your going anywhere with your children you want them to be on their best behaviour. This is no different on a photo shoot, so when your asking 3 of your children to stand up straight, smile, look happy continuously while taking direction from the photograph as well it can be challenging. Luckily, we work with Models Direct and have always been so well looked after, from lunches being put on for the children, to overnight accommodation, to letting the children have 15 minutes time out so they can chill, go on there iPad etc. We have now had 7 assignments, over £6,000 in modelling fees and I can’t believe how lucky we are my son says its all down to his fantastic good looks. Read more about this family modelling assignment

Golding Family

Our experience with Models Direct has been so positive so far! We initially came into contact through my sister in law (and business partner) who was chosen to be a part of a shoot for a huge global tech company. Our whole family ended up being involved and from start to finish the whole process was so enjoyable and professional. The shoot was over two days and was so well organised and we were so looked after that it didn’t even feel like work! It was so fun! Models direct were really thorough but also really approachable and friendly, I was so grateful to be a part of such a huge campaign and my daughter Ava had a wonderful day! Coral Golding Read more about this family modelling assignment

Karlsen Family

Yesterday’s family job for a Swedish vacuum company was great fun. It was a long day, but the crew were funny and it was totally relaxing. We love doing jobs together as a family and the kids are getting so used to it now. Thanks to Charlie at Models Direct for this booking. Kristina Karlsen Read more about this family modelling assignment

Pearce Family

We have been very fortunate to have a fantastic relationship with Molly (Assignments Coordinator) at Models Direct, Molly who knows us as a family and Myleigh who has been booked for modelling alone, but also recently, of late, we have been chosen too as a family!! Our recent assignment was for a new trampoline web promo for Air Boing. We had so much fun on this shoot, Myleigh had the best time jumping on the trampoline, playing on the tree swing, and we as a family laughed all day. We really do rate Models Direct, for us it was the best decision we made putting Myleigh forward and now as a family we are doing things together, having fun and getting paid!! This really is a fantastic way to get a second income, plus to start your child’s future in the business. We are very grateful to Molly and her team at Models Direct for yet another fantastic opportunity. The Pearce Family Read more about this family modelling assignment

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