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Emma, Reference: ZDVT-6738

The team in charge of the shoot were both professional as well as down to earth. It was easy to understand what they wanted from us as models and were able to bring out the best of us. My agent Charlie was amazing and communicated well with me from start to finish. I cannot wait to work with Models Direct again!

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Samantha, Reference: QFXH-7737

I worked my first shoot with Models Direct for an established company in July and it was an amazing experience.

Immy, Reference: HYVM-4664

I was shortlisted for a Barclays Bank advert. I must say, the team was amazing. I had such an amazing and interesting time, the team was so supportive, encouraging, understanding, patient but above all they made me feel like we had known each other for years.
The whole day was an adventure I will never forget and I wish I can experience those moments again soon.
Thanks to Models direct I now have experience.

Kastur, Reference: YXYX-7683

This is my 3rd job with Models Direct and I am happy with my booking agent Charlie. The job was a pretty easy one, they also accommodated me as I needed to leave early, so really appreciate that.

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Rosemary, Reference: PRWM-7338

I recently worked on a TFL video which was showing passengers on buses and the recent advice on social distancing. Models Direct got me the job and were very helpful with the details and as always were very pleasant to talk to on the phone.

Catherine , Reference: BSMT-7646

Although the assignment was with short notice, I’m glad I did it. I had a great experience.

It was my first assignment and I was a bit nervous, but the people I worked with, were lovely and made me feel comfortable

Eve, Reference: YCMZ-8433

I thought the shoot went fantastic. Both the director and camera man where very professional. We started and finished on time. Would definitely do work for them again. Thank you to Models Direct for this opportunity. I look forward to a successful career with them.

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Serena, Reference: N669829

I have worked for RGB for the 4th time. (Once a year) I love it. It was really lovely to see everyone, as they are a great team and a lovely company to work for.

Jovita, Reference: FYKP-6849

My second assignment for Models Direct went really good.It was with AmaElla nightwear and ingerie .The place was beautiful and people very friendly. I had experience with another two models i did really enjoyed! Thank you so much to Models Direct!

Magdalena, Reference: FMRD-7867

I've had a great time onset filming a tv ad last Monday, with Aaron fellow model from Models Direct in Norwich. Been looked after and felt welcome, and also well informed by lovely Molly Robinson, the assignments manager. Looking forward to more experiences. Thank you!

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Annie, Reference: KQYH-4964

This week I had another photoshoot booked through Models Direct. As always it was brilliantly organised by Molly and I was given all the necessary details beforehand. The client and photographer were lovely to work with, the shoot went really well and I look forward to seeing the final photos soon!

Marilyn, Reference: PSPS-6879

Thank you Models Direct, what a lovely Client and great crew. We had an excellent shoot, with lots of laughter and fun and hard work of course. My co model and I just clicked and enjoyed a magical chemistry. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Claudia, Reference: GGFK-3466

Very pleased with the job! Great team, well organised and very interesting. Many thanks Models Direct!!

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Anne, Reference: WZKC-3763

I’ve just completed my first modelling job for Models Direct. Who’d have believed I’d be a model at 57 years old! I was quite nervous when I arrived in the car park but with such a friendly relaxed atmosphere, I had lost my nerves before we started shooting. The lovely team helped me every step of the way and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I look forward hopefully to many more jobs.

Oreka, Reference: KPTY-9949

Hope you’re doing great Molly, I just wanted to say thank you SO much for this amazing opportunity you’ve been a great help and gave detailed information about the assignment, I had a great time the staff and everyone were so nice a friendly I look forward to future works!! :)

Megan, Reference: NCSP-4776

My first placement with models direct. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole day... instructions were very clear and the people I worked with were all fantastic. Great team... great fun. Really look forward to next assignment.

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Hope, Reference: ZGCZ-7436

I had a great experience with Models Direct, from the booking to the shoot. The process was smooth, I booked the job and was on set the next day.
At the shoot, production was really lovely and accommodating, keeping us entertained all day. So much so the freezing cold weather didn't feel as awful!
The other models were friendly and we had great chats about life, career and ambitions.

Looking forward to my next shoot!

Anamaria, Reference: YPVF-8873

I just had my first experience with Models Direct as an extra for a video game. The team was very friendly and I had fun, the only issue was the cold weather, so in the future we’ve learned our lesson to get extra layers. Otherwise it was a nice experience and I am looking forward for next projects.

Sonia, Reference: MTPG-4343

It was another great experience for me to meet all this people's. Thank you again to choose me for this shoot.

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Ruth, Reference: HHTP-4883

Models Direct are an amazing agency, they keep in regular contact with updates and information.
I have just returned from a shoot in Kent. I had the best day. So much fun modelling eyewear for ASE. It was a really relaxed environment with friendly people who took such good care of us.
Models Direct gave me full details in order I could take everything needed for the day and feel I was fully equipped and confident.
I’d definitely recommend them if you’re looking to join a reputable modelling agency.

Donna, Reference: YGWZ-9366

Thanks to #modelsdirect for an amazing experience acting for a public promotional commercial. Everyone was so nice and helpful. Special thanks to Charlie for making sure everything went smoothly and keeping me updated with all the details..

Marta, Reference: GYVD-7744

Hi to all the people that wonder if Models Direct is worth your attention!
I received a really promising offer recently and I have to say that I was surprised how professionally and smoothly everything went. All the people were very nice and making sure that I’m having a good experience. After leaving the work place, an agent called me to ask how was it and if everything was okay, which I found really professional and nice. I would definitely decide for any cooperation in the future as my current feeling regards Models Direct is very positive.
Many thanks!

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Tajarne, Reference: YNWW-8438

Hope, Reference: ZGCZ-7436

I had my first shoot with Models Direct 2 weeks ago, after being signed for nearly 2 years.
It was a pleasant experience from booking to the shoot. My agent was informative and checked in to make sure I had all information.
The production and other models at the shoot were friendly and made the shoot a pleasurable experience.

Top Tip, my pictures are all unprofessional selfies, the better quality your pictures, the more likely you will get booked. I believe that is why getting that initial booking took so long for me, since my first booking, I had a second the week after!

Anastazja, Reference: VQXK-3667

I've recently worked for the first time with @modelsdirect for Tipi campaign. I had a great experience, met and worked with some great talented people. Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity!

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