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Asma, Reference: HNPV-8879

I had my first job with Models Direct and had a really good time with the team as they were very helpful and radiated positive energy to the set. Thank you Models Direct

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Imogen, Reference: ZHPT-9646

I have just finished my first shoot with Models Direct for Snug Sofa box and it was so much fun! My agent Charlie was so helpful in guiding me through the day and I was very looked after on set. I can't wait for more work with this agency!

Syleeisha, Reference: VKZZ-7474

I had a good experience, everyone I was working with was so friendly and welcoming.

Alicia, Reference: GQPX-4688

Had an amazing shoot yesterday from models direct for another fitness shoot! Was a great laugh and very professional, they kept me warm with lots of tea ( I do love my tea) and everyone was so kind considering the weather was very cold but was a team effort. Can’t wait for my next shoot to come through and a big thank you to Molly for her amazing effort. Much love!

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Terency, Reference: GMYT-9986

Great shoot for TFL, nice environment, well looked after and a good Team to work with very cooperative!

Nicole, Reference: BM770051

Had a good photoshoot in Stamford for Rubirox. Despite having to travel so far, the photoshoot was still very fun and rewarding.

Abigail, Reference: HQXG-7843

Had my first shoot with model's direct last week. As a full time freelance model they were a pleasure to deal with and communication was great. I look forward to my next assignment.

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Charlotte, Reference: HRDH-3839

Had my first assignment with models direct yesterday and enjoyed it a lot. Very well organised and great to work with. Would recommend.

Clare, Reference: FVBB-7379

Great day shooting for uk Innovations in the a really nice location in Corby.
Charlie at models direct was very helpful from the moment the booking came in Charlie spoke to me and made sure I was happy with everything knew and where I had to be and when. Katie from uk Innovations was great to work with and the day was amazing! I’m really looking forward to the next job

Neri, Reference: TCGT-8644 )

This was an incredible experience filming for The Slimming Clinic. Neil (the director) and myself had a long 7 hour drive up to Edinburgh but we hit it off straight away and chatted the whole time.

After arriving we went into filming practically straight away and everyone worked so hard. We were a team and bounced ideas off each other, to make filming feel as natural as possible, since it was a training video.

All those involved from Charlotte the doctor, Lesley the Dietitian and Phil the movement coach, to Dan the other videographer, they were all so supportive and made me feel so welcome.

Over the 2 days, we worked for many hours none stop, but we all did it with such great positivity to achieve as much as possible.

Filming wrapped for now, but what an absolutely epic weekend!!! Such an awesome assignment,with awesome people and I remembered my lines!! I stayed in a lovely hotel, ate some super tasty grub and managed to keep my energy up for the whole 2 days. So humbled and greatful to have been chosen for this assignment. Thank you Charlie @ models direct for being so supportive as well. Xx

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Chloe, Reference: KPCP-6897

I had an absolute blast modelling for Badgers Beer yesterday. The crew were so much fun to work with and so helpful. I’d definitely work with them again.

Sabah, Reference: CDBZ-4788

Great day shooting for TFL. Had a lot of fun, riding a bike around London. The people were really lovely to work with.

Kastur, Reference: YXYX-7683

Molly was fab, communication was spot on. I did a TFL shoot today, cycling from Hoxton to Kings Cross, was daunting at first, but the adrenaline rush I got was out of this world, this shoot had made me realise I can cycle on the roads with no problems, thank you so much Molly :o)

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Chloe, Reference: P770348

Had a great shoot over in Shetland this weekend. Charlie at Models Direct was fantastic, she kept me in the loop with all the details and was on call anytime I needed her. Would highly recommend her/the agency to anyone.

Anastasia, Reference: FKTZ-3977

Today was the first job that I got through models direct in two years. The client who I worked with was incredibly lovely and photographer was a true professional. I was sent forms as soon as shoot was confirmed in plenty of time to get my day planned. I would like to mention that modelling industry is competitive however this taken into account I’d prefer to see more promotion from agency’s side.

Neri, Reference: TCGT-8644

This was a last minute assignment, that ended up being one of the most empowering experiences since becoming professional. I got to work with 4 of the most beautiful confident ladies, a fantastic film crew and the man with the naked plan, Gok Wan.

Not only did we help others feel confident, it also reinforced how confident I am with my own body. From the costume designers, to the make up artist and the runners, everyone was so welcoming and worked so hard to make sure we felt relaxed and comfortable in the environment. Gok was lovely and gave direction really clearly. He was so fun and we all had such a giggle.

The assignment went really quickly and Molly was so supportive.

Such an exciting experience, I'm so glad I was accepted and thank Molly for putting her trust in me and putting me forward.

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Julie, Reference: QXDY-8768

My first booked job was last Friday and throughly enjoyed it. I also met 4 lovely Ladies on this booking. The agency staff are helpful, organised and explained every stage in the process for me.

Sarina, Reference: GNFY-3783

"I received a photoshoot opportunity in London yesterday which involved cycling around London. I was really pleased with the outcome, had great fun and met some amazing people. The complete process was smooth and I'm glad my representative/assistant Molly talked me through the requirements and provided continuous reassurance. Thank you Molly and Models Direct I appreciate it! "

Edyta, Reference: VKNC-6697

Hi, thanks to the Models District I had an opportunity to work on a rebranding photo set for Salisbury Workplace Services. The whole crew was very professional with cristal clear vision what outcome they are looking for from our work. Great communication on the set and with the MD agent Charlie, thank you. Amazing atmosphere, very direct and professional environment. Looking forward to work with MD again

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Elena, Reference: QTSD-7687

My agent, Charlie, is one of the best agents I have ever been represented by. She always has my best interest at heart, keeps me up to date with any changes that occur in the pre-production stages and makes sure I am happy and all is going well before, during and after the shoot. Professional, kind, hard working and supportive. I’ve had another great experience acting in a corporate/commercial video. Thank you, Charlie.

Marijana, Reference: YGHZ-3636

What a GREAT shoot I’ve had with Aviva team in Notwich yesterday! Thank you all for making me feel so special! Big Thanks to my agent Charlie from Midels Direct who was wonderful from start to finish! It was my first shoot with MD and can’t wait to work with you again!
Thank you xx

Kastur, Reference: YXYX-7683

The whole process from communication about the job booking, to travel booking to being picked up and dropped off to station, as well as the crew on the job was excellent, I cannot fault anything.
I enjoyed my shoot so much and I am hoping to get more job bookings in the future - Charlie Osborne is the best :o)
Thank you x

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Bernice, Reference: QQSM-3433

Models Direct is a fantastic agency for supporting and helping you from the time you hear that you have been assigned for a job. Charlie was always there on the end of the phone when I needed help. Really enjoyed my recent job for Aviva, all the crew were amazing, I enjoyed every minute. Would love to have more jobs.
Thank you.

Catherine, Reference: BZPN-7479

Had a fun shoot for Prime Student Living today at Coventry - thanks for the arrangement by Models Direct! Would appreciate more if the whole day shoot could offer higher pay though. Yet overally speaking it was fun and I got to meet other models and new friends at shoot too.

Annie, Reference: KQYH-4964

Yesterday I had another great shoot, which I secured by Charlie at Models Direct. As always, she gave me all the necessary information beforehand and as it was my second time shooting for iWhite - a teeth whitening brand, I knew what to expect. As before, the production team were so easy to work with and very professional. I look forward to seeing the final stills and videos.

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