Models Direct Reviews - From our Female Models

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Zoila, Reference: MPBX-9497

This is my first job from Model's Direct!
I had the opportunity to be part of a corporative, Leisure and Winter shoot. I have been in many other jobs working as a model but this one felt just right. The experience was amazing and we all blended as a big family. I will definitely do it again!

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Sian, Reference: DRDZ-7649

This was my first shoot with Models Direct and the day was honestly amazing. I had been hired on short notice and they let me come later so I could have time to get ready. When I arrived everyone was so lovely and welcoming and the environment was so relaxed.

I made some great contacts in the business and will definitely be taking onboard all the advice and wisdom given to me by fellow models and the crew.

It was a fantastic start to my modelling journey.

Jayne, Reference: YSGC-6398

Lovely job with Models Direct, very professional, good communications.

Sarina, Reference: GNFY-3783

The shoot was fantastic and enjoyed every bit if it. I was looked after very well and was appreciated for my work. If I had the opportunity to do it again I totally would.

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Imogen, Reference: ZXDQ-3697

The team at Models Direct are always so helpful with providing the right level of information at the right time. It means that the jobs are always fun and completely hassle free! Charlie is great and super friendly too!

Paris, Reference: PWNN-8647

Lovely day, Gemma was very helpful and the client was lovely, very welcoming and always at hand.

Natasha, Reference: QSWW-7489

Great as always and the girls at Models Direct are always so helpful.

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Lara, Reference: SHRD-7694

Nice, fun shoot. Client and photographer were really lovely and made me feel at ease.

Nivi, Reference: FSCR-7788

My first assignment with Models Direct went really well today. The team was great to work with and it was so relaxed! Charlie was brilliant and explained everything beforehand. Looking forward to more assignments!

Elle, Reference: HZRM-3383

Another lovely shoot! Great to work with such a big team on the launch shoot day with worstead estate & weddings. A fantastic venue with very kind & professional staff.

I worked with another model new to the industry and modelling world so also enjoyed helping him out along the way aswell. Working with another model is always good fun!

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Raquel , Reference: KHYB-7743

First shoot with Model Direct - Thank you for the fantastic experience, communication was good they got back to me always very fast. I met the best people and I had a wonderful time it was so relaxing. Lovely to have worked with the team! Everyone did amazing!!

Shayo, Reference: TWGF-3487

I recently had a shoot for a charity that helps teens and young people have a new start. It was an amazing experience and the crew were so lovely.

Annie, Reference: CYWS-4493

Was an amazing experience, brilliant photographer, lovely people. Really enjoyed myself and being with the other models.

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Michaela , Reference: FXNQ-3889

First photoshoot with Models Direct and never have I been grateful to be part of it. I met some amazing models that were so fun to be with. The shoot was amazing, the team behind this photoshoot were accommodating and have positive auras. This was a great experience and I cannot wait to work more with Models Direct.

Valerie, Reference: SWYF-6396

A wonderful first experience with Models Direct Absolutely wonderful time experienced on my first modelling assignment/photoshoot for Models Direct. Everyone involved from Charlie at Models Direct to the team (photographer, casting, stylists, hair and makeup artists) on the photoshoot have been fantastic

Luisa, Reference: DZDZ-6669

Charlie was so helpful and nice explaining what I was going to be doing and made sure I felt comfortable before anything. Everything went smoothly and to plan :)

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Lana, Reference: BTRY-6968

I very much enjoyed the shoot. The photographer was extremely professional and helpful. And my colleague models were so much fun to work with.

Yasmeen, Reference: BRWS-4888

Enjoyable experience and a lovely crew!

Anne & Colin, Reference: WZKC-3763

My partner, my daughter and I had an enjoyable afternoon yesterday modelling together for Models Direct how nice it was to go out together. Great experience, the photographers and client were great made the days shoot most enjoyable. Look forward to the next assignment.

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Natasha, Reference: QSWW-7489

Always great working with models direct. Charlie is super helpful and transparent. Thank you! Natasha x

Yasmin, Reference: GDVM-6993

Had my first shoot this week via models direct. It was at a pub to take images for the new menu they have, was arranged great, got all details correctly and all went well. Hope for more shoots soon!

Viktorija, Reference: BYTD-3999

Have done a great photoshoot today! Met very nice colleagues and looking forward to working more with Models Direct!

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The Semedo Family, Reference: MHCR-3834

I honestly couldn't be happier with the agency. Yesterday was our second assignment and one more time was a great experience. With Charlie on the other side everything goes stress free as she is always ready to clarify any questions/concerns and wastes no time in keeping us updated. Charlie is always very supportive and professional. We are looking forward to the next assignment.

Elle, Reference: HZRM-3383

‘Another successful & enjoyable shoot with the client. They were very accommodating with everything and welcoming when I arrived. A very professional & kind team too throughout! It was great to be back with them to finish the last of the project!’

Elle, Reference: HZRM-3383

Another assignment with models direct! It was great to be on set again for a fun promotional ad. Lovely kind and understanding people and a beautiful location! :)

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