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Grace, Reference: WHHX-3947

Had so much fun working for Aqua, Sunderland. Models direct were really supportive; thank you for the opportunity!

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Elle, Reference: HZRM-3383

I recently just completed another bridal assignment with models direct! It was a fantastic day shooting at HALES HALL barn with a very talented and professional team! We were so lucky to have the whole run of the barn when shooting so had lots of choice for different images and back drops

The Golding Family, Reference: NDBX-3738

We did a family shoot last week in London and everyone was so lovely! It was really chilled for the kids and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Would definitely recommend models direct!

Sophie, Reference: WXZP-3893

I had a fantastic time on the assignment, a great atmosphere and I met some great people to work with. A very interesting and exciting day.

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Qondani, Reference: BKTS-3936

"First assignment with Models Direct for MTC Coventry. Had a great day shooting for the client. Staff were friendly & welcoming, also not to forget the great company from the other models. Looking forward to the next one!"

Janet, Reference: HPRP-3394

Thank you Models Direct. A very well organised, professional, fun and enriching day. Thank you.

Francesca, Reference: WDNC-3696

"I did my first assignment today, a corporate shoot for MTC with 9 other Models Direct models. Fantastic day, it was great to meet other models, the direction from MTC was excellent and we were so well looked after! Thank you Charlie at Models Direct for all of your help! Can’t wait for my next assignment."

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Catherine, Reference: VSGQ-4484

Had my first assignment on Friday and it was great fun. A very relaxed atmosphere with plenty of food and drink available. I am now looking forward to my next.

Gemma, Reference: MRHK-6439

"Recently had a great experience with this company! I attended a photo shoot which I loved! The company arranged hair and makeup for the shoot, everyone on the shoot was very helpful and accommodating. I also received a cheque in the post from models direct a couple of days after the fitting I had for the photo shoot. Marie from models direct was so helpful from start to finish, I highly recommend models direct if you are looking to enter the modelling world. It has boosted my confidence greatly and I can't wait to see what the future brings! Thank you so much for an amazing experience!"

Ilyanna, Reference: WPNN=8348

Had my first shoot arranged by models direct and can not be happier. Working on a unique concept, my fittings went smoothly with such lovely people, and the actual day of shooting was so much fun. Everyone was very friendly, and the photographer was great at helping us get comfortable and deliver his vision. Only minor snag was the length of time spent shooting which went on way longer than was initially advised and lack of clarity on the part of models direct how this is handled.

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Anna, Reference: YBPC-9843

It was a bit longer than expected. The photographer was great and was giving clear instructions. They were making sure we were warm as it was freezing there. The atmosphere was great. Good experience, especially for first time. Very good experience for this company. Looking forward to other jobs.

Ines, Reference: YXMR-3738

Marie at Talent Management who book me for the photoshoot and film for Dulux Community Repaint, was friendly and very helpful. It was my first experience with Talent management and when need to clarify something things Marie was there to get the information making my experience a great one. So I definitely recommend it.

Gemma, Reference: MRHK-6439

Had a great experience with this company recently. I attended a fitting for a shoot I will be doing very soon, Marie couldn’t have been any more helpful. Really enjoyed the experience, thank you for giving me the opportunity!

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Aniela , Reference: N787802

Professional and really lovely company! Have had a positive experience with this agency so far.

Cherie, Reference: KzCZ-8387

Thank you Marie from Models Direct for putting me forward. I had a great day in Bicester Oxford with the Ravensburger & Micrograpix team. Sarah Stevens the client and the photographer Chris were so easy to work with. Thank you both.

Rameesah, Reference: P783618

I went for my second fitting last week! Everything was still super comfortable and easy! Communication was still a key feature from talent management as answers to questions were answered quickly! Glad to see the costume coming together and I cannot wait until the shoot!

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Elena, Reference: QTSD-7687

Thank you Charlie at Models Direct for looking after me and constantly keeping me informed before and during the 6 day shoot this month. Thanks to you, i got to work with a lovely team from EyeKandy. The shoot was fun, the director, producer and cameraman were extremely relaxed, friendly and equally professional and efficient. It was such a lovely gig. I hope Haier will be pleased with the result. Thank you again and look forward to the next shoot!

Ashley, Reference: XSCY-9776

I just did my first job this morning and it was lovely! Wonderful way to pursue my love of modelling and get money for it! They called up and even made sure they changed the location to somewhere more covered because the weather was bad! Can’t wait for my next job with them.

Maggie, Reference: 699465

Working with Nonsense was a fun yet professional experience. James and Will were carrying and made sure the results are achieved to their standards and satisfaction. The whole Nonsense Ltd team was supportive, friendly, optimistic and working hard to deliver the Campo Viejo promo material that can be used online or perhaps in television next year if other factors would be play out favourably. I also value the way that my managing agent has approached me, helped me to stay informed and supervised the process. I find Molly very reliable and trustworthy. The experience was thoroughly positive and I feel grateful I could co-create it.

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Natasha, Reference: QSWW-7489

Amazing couple of days filming for Campo wines! The yummy food provided on set and other actors and models from Models Direct made it really fun!

Annie, Reference: KQYH-4964

Last week I had another job booked through Models Direct, this time an advert for a popular wine brand. As always I was fully prepped and given all the necessary information beforehand from Molly, who was on hand to answer any of my queries. The filming team and cast were all very easy to work with, and made the two day shoot really enjoyable. I'm looking forward to seeing the footage and to my next assignment with Models Direct.

Malin, Reference: ZVRP-8893

Just had my first assignment today and I was super nervous on my way in to London but with the support and help from the Models Direct team (Charlie especially) it turned out to be a great first day! Worked with a company called Séraphine and got to try on various items of clothing to asses how it fit and felt. Everyone on the team was very welcoming and friendly which really helped and made me feel comfortable! Can’t wait for the next one

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Diane, Reference: KXCD-6398

Have just done my first assignment for Models Direct. Had a great day down in Cardiff doing a photo shoot for Invacare.

Kristina, Reference: A733256

The shoot for Invacare was nothing but professional from start to finish. Ever so grateful for this assignment and can't wait to see the final results.

Lydia, Reference: CSPN-6897

Today I took part in a photoshoot for Morrison’s valentine’s campaign. It was an exceptional day from start to finish, everybody involved were super nice and made me feel so comfortable with the directions they gave us. Couldn’t be happier with the outcome and can’t wait to see the finished images! Once again, a huge thank you to Charlie at Models Direct for being so helpful in every part of this job, and making us feel at ease knowing we can call her if we ever needed to! Thank You!

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