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Ana, Reference: ZVMM-4396

This was my first assignment with Models Direct and I have to say that the process could not have been easier or more enjoyable. Gemma and Charlie gave me a call before booking to make sure everything was on track. I received a brief of all instructions about the photo shoot. The client was very welcome, I felt very comfortable and secure. I truly recommend Models Direct, a professional and great agency. I joined the agency a couple of months ago and haven't expected to be selected so quickly. With the same client, I had two different photo shots and hopefully will have another one. I totally recommend the agency because they are professional and great.

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Yasmina, Reference: WBQS-3949

I had my first ever shoot with Models Direct and it was a lovely experience, I liked the fact that I was kept in the loop of what was happening and Gemma was so lovely, she checked in with me throughout the entire process. I was quite nervous but I felt at ease once I got there, the shoot was very quick and i really enjoyed my first shoot with Models Direct!

Sara, Reference: KYYP-8683

Today I had so much fun modelling for Morrison's. It was my first assignment with Models Direct and they were amazing. They called me and email me before to see if I was happy with the terms and had any doubts, called me on the day to make sure I arrived well to the location and that I had met the client and at the end that everything went well.
Overall it was a really good, fun and an amazing experience.

Marta, Reference: FTRM-6474

This was my third photo shoot for this well known brewery. Great atmosphere, very nice people as always. Gemma was very helpful, she sent me all the details and always makes sure that everything was okay during the photo session.

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Zuzanna, Reference: BZSC-4464

I recently received my first assignment from Models Direct. It was to take part in a Christmas campaign in the form of a video. As I mentioned earlier, it was my first time, so I was a bit stressed. I was supported by the agency and could ask anything I didn't understand at any time. I was surprised at how positive the atmosphere was during the recording. The other models were very friendly, and it also turned out that I wasn't the only one having my first time. I am glad that I could get such an opportunity and try my hand at such a project. Let's hope there will be more of them :)

Emilia, Reference: DQYX-8868

It was very nice to meet all of the models and the crew.
We did an Xmas shoot and it was lots of fun.

Dawn, Reference: QQXV-6899

I had a great day being part of the Christmas campaign for this brewery. I was nervous as this was my first booking, but I was well looked after and was given clear instructions of what was expected of me.

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Collette, Reference: WQCW-3699

Thank you Models Direct for this opportunity. The team of the campaign were really professional and gave good direction to the novice as well as the seasoned model. I didn't feel out of my depth at any time and team were warm and welcoming.

Jodie, Reference: ZQSC-4978

It was a great experience being involved in this Christmas shoot. I met some really amazing people and can't wait for my next shoot.

Sophia, Reference: VGGN-3367

I would highly recommend working with Models Direct. The booking process was smooth throughout. Charlie contacted me throughout the week checking I was happy and answered any of my questions. The shoot was fun and the team made me feel relaxed and at ease and helped me thought out. Overall an amazing experience and can’t wait to work with them again

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Lee, Reference: PWHW-6486

I was booked for my 1st shoot in Manchester for a well known pub brand, I was a little nervous and anxious about what to expect but the day was great, the other models were friendly and helpful. The shoot itself went great and the team who ran it were also great. Warm, friendly and well instructed.

Abi, Reference: THHX-7977

Today I had my first ever shoot for a well known brewery with Models Direct and I had the best time, we were very well looked after and the atmosphere was just amazing from start to finish. I met some other lovely models at the shoot which was also great, Gemma has been amazing with keeping me up to date with everything and phoned me after the shoot to see how it went! normally I am a very nervous person but I felt at ease from the moment I went in. Thankyou Models Direct :)

Walla, Reference: FHRV-8784

It was exciting meeting new people and i got clear instructions. I loved it.

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Philippa, Reference: BXGM-6746

My first assignment with Models Direct was for a Christmas Campaign in Manchester. Modelling is something totally different to anything I’ve done before so I was apprehensive to say the least, however, Gemma was always available to answer questions and provide general reassurance and support which was great. The day itself ran smoothly although I would’ve preferred clearer expectations for clothing/hair/make up and a clearer breakdown of timings, but I understand this is often not possible when running a shoot as there are so many factors at play. Overall I enjoyed the experience and am excited to see the end results. I am optimistic about future opportunities and am looking forward to what’s next!

Kerry, Reference: PQKR-7369

I really enjoyed the experience.
Both the production crew and all of the other models were all warm, friendly and lovely people.
Would definitely like to do further commercial modelling through Models Direct!

Jane, Reference: VRRS-9676

It was a beautiful experience, everyone was kind and welcoming.
Had fun with the models.

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Samantha, Reference: YBDM-6398

The whole experience was so much more than I could’ve expected. Completely professional and felt supported throughout. Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Don’t know exactly what I was expecting as a first timer; ended up doing a lot of dancing and taking a lot of strawberry milkshake shots, but the environment was so comfortable this was a lot easier than you would anticipate. Would highly recommend.

Selma, Reference: QYVY-9784

Spent the day doing a Christmas Campaign Shoot for a prominent Brewery company in the UK. Had so much fun and we all got in the spirit of Christmas. The crew were amazing and it was wonderful meeting all the models. Gemma was amazing pre shoot and post shoot so Brava and thank you to Models Direct for such an ab fab opportunity. Excited to see the finished product!

Louma, Reference: HRFZ-8489

First assignment with Models Direct. Honestly I had a really good time. The production team made us all feel comfortable, everything was well planned and I can say it was a good experience!

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Tabitha, Reference: XGBS-4977

Details of the shoot were given clearly with exceptional communication before, throughout and after the shoot. The shoot itself was fun and much more relaxed than expected, I feel that it allowed me to perform to my highest standard.

Melissa, Reference: RQFC-8448

My first ever booking!

Naturally, I was really anxious about the shoot as I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, the team was so lovely. I soon realised that all the models were feeling the exact same way I was, which automatically made me feel more at ease.

While doing the shoot itself - it was so much fun! It was really enjoyable.. I guess I didn’t really know what to expect but it was a great experience!

Thank you so much.

Alice, Reference: DWRF-4998

Went for my first modelling shoot with Models Direct at a brewery in Manchester and really enjoyed the day! Everyone made me feel relaxed and not nervous and was a great first time experience. Thank you very much for the opportunity!

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Jemma, Reference: DPGP-9336

I had a job with Models Direct in Manchester. Gemma called me to make sure everything was okay and I understood what would happen - which was very helpful and made me feel at ease. The day was good and chilled, no pressure at all! Everyone’s lovely and you get to meet loads of new people.

Nikhitha, Reference: MQWY-9869

Blessing, Reference: HSTG-4337

I had so much fun at today’s shoot, the staff were soo nice. I really enjoyed myself. I am looking forward to hopefully being booked again!

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