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Kristina, Reference: A733256

Yesterday's job for Sanctuary housing was a breeze. The photographer was super efficient and my co-workers were a delight. Hope our paths will cross again. Thanks Models Direct!

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Lucy, Reference: CE761568

Today, I completed another assignment with Models Direct. I was booked to pose as a nurse for 'Sanctuary Housing' which provides affordable accommodation for young professionals working in the public service sector. It was a fun & relaxed shoot working with some great people! I would recommend Models Direct to anyone looking to get professional work in the modelling / film industry or even if you just want to earn some extra cash!

Alicia, Reference: GQPX-4688

Had a good laugh and they made me feel completely at home. ( & fuelled me with lots of popcorn) looking forward to my next one and seeing where that takes me!

Omowumi , Reference: KSHV-6947

I got my 1st job from Models Direct and I am so excited. The experience was memorable and very enjoyable. I was in good company and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Looking ahead for more beautiful opportunities.

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Angelika, Reference: 813237

Very good experience, all staff involved very friendly, helpful and punctual. I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot today!

Jessica, Reference: CRGG-8469

"Thank you for the lovely experience I had working with you for the Cambridge University Press. It was a very fun and enjoyable day for me to work with the team. The logistics at all times seemed excellent and very good communication at all times with me as a talent. I want to especially thank to Charlie, who was in contact with me all the time and always on command for anything. Thank you Models Direct for this great experience!"

Edyta, Reference: VKNC-6697

"Hello, I would like to say thank you, Molly, for yesterday session for Cancer Research, all the information I should know was provided, professional approach, great communication. "

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Charmaine, Reference: HTGF-7878

"The CANCER RESEARCH UK SHOOT was brilliant. I was honoured to be part of it, Most people have lost someone dear to cancer or know someone with the illness. The team were very nice to work with and the location was perfect right next to my house. I wonder what the future holds next hopefully another amazing shoot...

Katherine, Reference: MWNK-7348

I recently completed a job with Models Direct for a Bridal show. Their correspondence was extremely prompt and they made sure I had all the relevant information about the booking. The job itself was very enjoyable as the client was both professional and welcoming. I would definitely use Models Direct in the future.

Paige, Reference: BCTD-9988

"I took part in a photoshoot for 'ProBlo' in collaboration with Flamingo Candles. 'What a wounderful experience I had, and what lovely people to work with, everyone made me feel so speical. Thank you to Charlie at Models Direct who organized it for me. Charlie was so helpful and made sure i enjoyed the experience. BEST PHOTOSHOOT EVER!! Thank you again to Models Direct for every thing. Much love Paige."

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Emily, Reference: KMDN-7778

"So this was my first ever job with models direct and I certainly wouldn’t want it to be my last ! All the team on the day were amazing to say the least. The girls at the pro blo shoot were so warm, welcoming and made us girls feel comfortable even though we got on so well anyway it was just an added bonus to such a great day. Charlie at MD was fantastic in every way, she really made me feel excited about the whole thing from the beginning, kept me up to date with all information and just so great to speak to. What a great representative to the team ! Thankyou so much Emily x"

Sam, Reference: K776599

"Had a great time on Wednesday shooting a campaign for @problogroup! Despite the 4am wake up call and 3 hour drive to Liverpool, I was greeted with smiling faces and a very exciting energy! The team were fantastic and the other models were so friendly and fun! We had an incredible time

Lydia, Reference: CSPN-6897

I took part in a photoshoot for ‘Pro Blo’ in collaboration with Flamingo Candles. A wonderful experience and super fun! Everyone on set was so friendly and made me feel really at ease! Charlie at Models Direct who organized everything for us was on hand whenever you needed any info or help from her, which made this whole experience so enjoyable. It was the best photoshoot I’ve ever done and I can’t wait for the next!

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Nana, Reference: RBWF-4473

"A great working environment this turned out to be. I had a fantastic and wonderful time on set. Each and every one on set, including the models and production team were cordial, kind and treated each with great warmth and welcoming respect. This shoot was for a new healthcare product and I was in my element, thoroughly enjoying myself. Especially with my ""carer"" with who was such fun. Nana"

Francesca, Reference: BVRW-4887

"I just finished my assignment with models direct and what an experience! The whole event from start to finish, the communication, was great and everyone who was a part of it was lovely. The hotel was stunning and I felt very privileged to be there. Dressed up very elegantly and met some great girls throughout the evening, and socialised with a lot of different people! Thank you to Molly and Models Direct for giving me this opportunity, I can’t wait for another!"

Claire, Reference: FVBB-7379

"I had a great day today at Poundland in Harrogate everyone was amazing! I even sold lots of perfume which is a bonus!"

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Lauren, Reference: RZNT-4696

"I had a great day filming and shooting for Poundland fragrances. We were made to feel very welcome and everyone got on really well. Really enjoyed it, thank you so much! "

Maggie, Reference: GZVC-7377

My first job at the agency was to be a promo girl at a Wandering Hearts concert as they were coming around to play at the Norwich Arts Centre. I thought of it as a great apportunity to do something I love - meet new amazing people as well as go to new places and events. My job was to socialize with the fans and see if they would like to follow the headlining band’s mailing list as well as give out very cute heart shaped guitar picks. After I’ve finished my work the gig was still on for another hour so I was free to stay and enjoy it till the end. The stuff were really lovely and talkative and since I live quite close to the Arts Centre I’ve exchanged a few friendly conversations even after the event has ended :)

Emeline, Reference: P782205

Recently did a shoot for Models Direct and it went great. Worked with a lovely team and had a lot of fun shooting outside (even though it was freezing haha). Great agency and very efficient, can’t wait to work for them again.

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Naomi, Reference: THCM-4698

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for such an incredible day. I enjoyed myself so much!! as this is my first proper modeling job/shoot I could not have asked for a more lovely and kind, caring and really bubbly, smiley team. The photographer’s were really clear and understandable which is always great and the whole set up and organization was very welcoming and very professional. I can’t wait to have more work with you and to go ahead and gradually build up my modelling career.

Kristina, Reference: 733256

"Thanks to Molly for securing me the job for AXA PPP YouTube commercial. The job kept to their timings and the people were very friendly and professional.

Neri, Reference: TCGT-8644

Another sucessful booking with Ideal World

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Lidia, Reference: YVQF-8766

I had an amazing shoot yesterday from models direct for a shoes shoot! It was very professional. Everyone was so kind in spite of the cold weather but was a team effort. I can’t wait for my next shoot to come through. Lots of love!

Elle, Reference: HZRM-3383

"Thanks for another fabulous shoot! This time with client ‘cockspur rum’ for there new flavoured liquor brands! The team of people were fantastic as always , very welcoming , professional and fun! I was asked to model different promotional dresses and tees for marketing the company. With a fun vibrant and colourful image to it! It was great to learn all about the clients brand and see where the images were going and the concept behind it all. And even more exciting to know the client was actually the creator of many well known alcohol brands! I was pleased with the images and so was the client. I came away with a free bottle and some of the promo tops to keep! Amazing! Thanks Talent Management for another awesome shoot! "

Ellen, Reference: FTKD-9678

My day shooting for Axis security, was more relaxed than I've anticipated. Everyone was nice and we all got on well. Models Direct gave a lot of support and directions. It was a wonderful experience and can't wait for my next shoot.'

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