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Simona, Reference: HKBP-3937

I had a lovely experience at the photoshoot I was hired for. The crew were a great group of people and made us all feel at ease. The other models were just great and we all got along very well! Beautiful location and lovely weather was just icing on the cake. Thanks for the opportunity!

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Dagna, Reference: DYXX-7876

Interesting Experience, definitely recommend.
Fantastic people to work with, with detailed in advance preparation and quick flow of information.

Chantelle, Reference: VFCV-6899

I didn't know what to expect when arriving for the day and I was unsure about how as a group the other models would gel to create the best content possible. The other models who I worked with were in fact welcoming and supportive. I felt much more at ease due to this and it made the day fun, meeting numerous interesting people and the great direction of the crew enhanced the experience.

During the day multiple stills and videos were taken which despite being nervous about getting it right, again was made to feel more comfortable due to those around me. We as a team were constantly laughing and chatting which made for an easy time filming. Whilst we finished slightly earlier than expected, it was nice that after we as a group stayed on site for a while to discuss the day. I look forward to the potential of future jobs with Models Direct due to the great experience of this modelling role.

Shereen, Reference: NVBV-3949

The shoot was so much fun! The production team were lovely, and made me feel comfortable. The other models were such a friendly bunch to work with and overall I had such a great experience. Can’t wait for the next one!

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Annica, Reference: SXNQ-3388

A great day!
Amazing crew, fabulous models!

Katie, Reference: ZVMR-6934

Great experience! Such a fun day! I really enjoyed the experience and made some lovely friends. Can’t wait for the next one!

Pooja, Reference: PKKD-8646

It was a great shoot. I met a lot of people and they were very nice. The people of the production team were nice too. It was my first shoot and I learned a lot of new things.

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Judith, Reference: FDFG-7397

Thanks to Models Direct for putting me forward. When I first got the message, I couldn't believe it as I have waited and was almost giving up.
Models Direct has made me believe more in myself, once more.
Gemma was very helpful and sent relevant information to prep me before the day. Also called before and after the day to check on me which I very much appreciate, very caring.
On the day, I was initially nervous but meeting other people, who were just as nervous as myself made it easier to talk to them. Shared our views and just really mingled with everyone and got on.
The production team were lovely.
Being amongst other first timers as myself gave me a lot of courage through out the day. I enjoyed being photographed and look forward to seeing the shots.
It was a long day but worth the experience and we were well looked after.
I look forward to hopefully doing more of this with Model Direct.
Models Direct, so far are keeping to their word unlike other companies who just take your money and you never hear from them.
Thank you Models Direct and look forward to more experience with your company and help.

Letwina, Reference: BDXW-8747

Ludmila, Reference: WDKY-8639

Thank you to Gemma from Models Direct for a great opportunity to be a part of the team yesterday on a photoshoot in Manchester. Everything was well organised, the team were very friendly and supportive. Hope to deal with you again and again.

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Ana, Reference: XPZQ-8983

I had such a great time, it was my first experience and I loved everything about it.
Everyone was friendly and I felt amazing.
Thank you guys!

Andrea, Reference: GTYS-6837

A fun day of shooting
Thanks to Models Direct after a few months of joining them, I've been given my first opportunity. Lasts weeks shooting, was a fun and exciting experience. The production team was helpful and very lovely to work with. There was also many other new extras/models who where all interesting and engaging. The overall atmosphere was enjoyable and relaxed. I’m grateful for the new experience and to the exposure of meeting so many interesting people and seeing the side of this industry.

Kam, Reference: FBZY-6469

Such an enjoyable day, very insightful and lovely crew and fellow participants.
Felt very much at ease and really enjoyed speaking with everyone. The shoots were pretty easy to do, due to the direction of the fabulous crew.

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Fatima, Reference: ZMYZ-7779

This was my first job and I really enjoyed the experience. The team were brilliant and so lovely and understanding.
Arrangements with Gemma were nice and smooth . I can’t wait to work with Models Direct on the future!

Becca, Reference: CPFW-4984

Great day filming today with this well known brand. Met some really great people. I saw some of the photos and clips throughout the day and they looked great i cannot wait to see the final cut. The team was well organised and we had food and drinks through the day. Was a very pleasant day! Gemma was very helpful from Models Direct in organising me and making sure i had everything i needed and called me multiple times to help me!

Kiara, Reference: ZNWT-6469

Another good day! I always have really good experience also I meet new people.

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Dandan, Reference: NBKR-9933

I had a blast yesterday. Everybody was very welcoming and made me feel comfortable. Since it was my first photo shoot it was kind of nerve wracking, but the first minute i entered the building i felt relaxed and had an exciting time. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Hope, Reference: FQPQ-7699

It has been really great working for Models Direct. Only just started with them a few months ago and got my first assignment.
It was easy to register and get my first assignment. All was seamlessly and professionally done.

Carol, Reference: KWVH-6999

I had a wonderful experience today taking part in a photo/video shoot in Manchester.
The other models who were participating and the production team were friendly and professional, I felt at ease the whole time. I was pleasantly surprised when a member of the production team recognised me from my very first photo/video shoot! The models were looked after and were provided with a meal and drinks on the day.
Thank you to Gemma at Models Direct for putting me forward for this assignment. I can’t wait for the next one.

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Ifeoluwa , Reference: MHGV-9794

Thank you to Models Direct for making me take part in a great shoot today! I had a lot of fun during the whole process of shooting. It was exactly as I had expected. I look forward to representing you in the future and for taking on other opportunities as great as the one I had today. God bless all of you at Models Direct.

Winnie, Reference: DDPW-3488

I am a high fashion model who did a commercial today and it was totally different from what I am used to however it went very well. The camera crew was lovely, we were given refreshments. It was a long day but a great experience.

Paul & Mary, Reference: DWFX-9787

A very positive and enjoyable experience being photographed for Park Holidays throughout their resort. Extremely helpful staff and professionally handled throughout our time there.

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The Ezobi Family, Reference: TXNX-4743

This was our first booking through Models Direct and we absolutely loved it! It was great to spend time as a family, whilst producing content for Park Holidays. We were very well looked after throughout the booking stage and on the day itself. Thank you to Charlie for all the hints and tips prior to the day. Thank you to the production team (Alice, Matt and Adam) for making us all feel comfortable and for making us smile.
It was great fun and we hope it's the first of many bookings.

Paula, Reference: CQXC-6766

This was my first modelling assignment so I was unsure what to expect. I was delighted to be able to work with such friendly people who gave clear directions in a relaxed atmosphere. It was great fun socialising with other models, I had a wonderful experience.
I’m very grateful to Models Direct for all their help and guidance and of course for this opportunity.
5 stars for a fabulous experience, I highly recommend being part of Models Direct.

The Rizkalla Family, Reference: KPMK-4443

We had a really lovely time at the booking. The videographer and photographer were really friendly and gave lots of constructive direction. The director kept time and made everything run smoothly and efficiently. They were all very kind and professional, very considerate and patient of our daughter on set. The venue for the shoot was beautiful, luck was with us and the weather was absolutely amazing. We were fed and watered throughout the day and my daughter was even given a little freebie at the end of the day. It was hard work but the whole family had a lot of fun.

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