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Jemma, Reference: DPGP-9336

Such an amazing experience.
I recently did a shoot in Manchester and it was so much fun! I enjoyed seeing behind the scenes and being involved with it all. I’m so grateful to all the staff who helped us there and made sure we were looked after well.
I wanna say a big Thankyou to Gemma aswell for always keeping communication with me and ensuring everything went well.

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Zilin, Reference: NZTM-6676

The shoot was great and the team was professional and nice, it was amazing to meet new people.

Belle, Reference: YSPZ-9933

I had a wonderful time at the shoot today.
As usual, everything was perfect and went according to the planned schedule.
The Agency continues to offer the best in areas of care, conductive working environment and hospitality.

Joyce, Reference: DHMR-9938

My first ever paid shoot was amazing. Such a lovely team, I wish to be back on set because of the wonderful experience. The directors were so talented and comforting, the hair and makeup artist was so delightful. Best photo shoot ever ❤

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Charlotte, Reference: WDYX-6799

Communication is always great with these guys and had a great time on set. Can’t wait to do it again.

Pragya, Reference: MHXY-9968

It was my first shoot ever, and it was really very amazing. All the staff were very co-operative and it was fun to do work with them.

Ama, Reference: PCZC-9676

I had a lovely experience yesterday during the shoot. I met other models who were very approachable and friendly and that made me feel at home.The photographer in particular had a free and welcoming spirit and I can’t wait to do this again. Thank you Models Direct for this opportunity.

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Chloe, Reference: PRWY-7747

It's great working with Models Direct! They help me prepare for the shoot I have been assigned and make sure we are happy and ready. I just wish I had shoots and opportunities more frequently

Sreeka, Reference: KXHP-6378

I absolutely loved my last assignment with Models Direct, doing a photo shoot for a well known pub brand.
I had so much of a laugh working with a great bunch of models, all ages, and we all got on so well and everyone was so friendly and warming.
The crew were a great bunch, friendly and very helpful.
Thank you for picking me and giving me this opportunity.
Hope to work with you again in the future.

Tigger, Reference: ZCDM-8668

I had a great day at the shoot and was made welcome everyone was friendly.
The shoot itself was fun to do we were inside and outside filming.
I would love to see the finished/edited film.

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Ellie, Reference: XFFY-9968

Today I had another job thanks to Models Direct, and once again loved every minute!

It feels a little nerve wracking right before a job and then everyone is so lovely and it just makes the experience that bit better!

Looking forward to seeing todays pics and hopefully, to my next job!

Petra, Reference: ZZZN-9933

Nice first experience.
Lovely agency and Gemma is great to deal with, very professional. This was my first booking and was hired as an extra/backstage. Unfortunately wasn't used much so spent most of the day sitting around. Which is a shame as I would have liked to be more involved. However still had a nice day. All cast was super friendly and team looked after us all day. So overall a good first experience!

Silvia, Reference: MXWG-9977

First time attending a production/filming set ! After arriving everything was well organized and I was allocated to team Scotland. We were then part of the filming group, mixing up with fellow cast members/models representing remaining 6 nations.
I had a lot of fun and definitely would do it again. Thank you for this opportunity Models Direct :-)
Best Silvia

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Adriana, Reference: YQFH-4433

Working with Models Direct has been a great experience because I have been supported all the way through. My questions always are answered and I feel supported and confident.

Heather, Reference: SWZY-9399

Big thank you to Gemma for securing my first job with Models Direct ! Everything was arranged well ! The job was for rugby shoot at The Globe representing Scotland. However there was re organisation after I had makeup done and I was pulled from this and was an extra. I thank Models Direct for the experience on my first assignment. And look forward to next job.

Djamila , Reference: MQPB-4663

It was a fun day filming for this well known brand. We started early but the crew looked after us well, the team was lovely. Very interesting to experience the amount of work that goes into a short advert, I’m looking forward to seeing the final version.

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Tara, Reference: CXSM-4847

As it was my first shoot/experience with the agency I was a bit nervous to begin but everyone was so lovely and friendly! It was a great experience working with so many people on one advert and getting to know them all. Gemma was extremely helpful with giving me direction on how to prepare and I knew she was there if I needed to ask any questions so thank you!

Katarzyna, Reference: NXTX-6374

Yukino, Reference: KXCY-8663

Was a great first time experience. Wasn’t sure what to expect as was told as part of the extra but needed doing a bit more which was a nice surprise! Looking forward to working with Models Direct more. Thanks for the opportunity!!

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Kirsty, Reference: RDCZ-6847

The experience and atmosphere was great, the crew were lovely and kept us informed of everything they wanted us to through out the day.

Samina, Reference: GDHZ-4839

It was great to be part of Six Nation shoot. I was recommended by Model Direct and lady Gemma was great to explain everything through phone & email.
I really enjoyed and had fun!

Rebecca, Reference: MSQR-7469

Fun shoot, thanks!
First job with Models Direct and first non-fashion shoot in a long time - thanks to Gemma who's been incredible at organising everything! Great people, fun shoot.

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Ashleigh, Reference: HGWB-8474

I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything Gemma the contact you've had throughout this process has been fantastic especially as it was my first shoot.
The staff at the modelling shoot were welcoming and very polite. The atmosphere was positive and relaxed throughout the day which made it easier to complete the perfornances on set.

Marina, Reference: ZWYR-8967

I enjoyed the shoot and the atmosphere and met some lovely people. However, the production was quite disorganized, for example, I had been told I’d be in one group and brought an appropriate outfit, but then I was moved into a different group. Overall, I enjoyed the experience though.

Natalie, Reference: VNWK-3743

My first shoot!
My Models Direct profile went live a week before securing my first job which I was excited about.
My first shoot was enjoyable. The production team and the other models from Models Direct were really friendly and supportive. I look forward to many more shoots.

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