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We have all admired the luscious locks of the hair models we have seen on everything from our television screens to the products we buy in shops or online.

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But perhaps you have wondered whether you might be perfect for a job like that yourself?

Hair models are required for a colourful selection of bookings, ranging from photo shoots for hair product advertising right through to hair styling shows and live competitions, and film and television work.

Rachel, Model fee: £2,880

This was my first job with the agency and I received excellent guidance from Models Direct. I was prepped well before the shooting date with all the necessary information. The day of shoot itself was efficiently organised and run professionally. A fantastic experience!

From those with straight, shiny dark styles as sleek as Kim Kardashian’s to others with the soft, long, blonde waves of Taylor Swift or the gorgeous red locks of Nicole Kidman, female hair models of all ages and ethnicities are needed.

Likewise, fellas who are proud of their floppy Harry Styles cuts or their sharp Idris Elba looks, might also find themselves perfectly suited to becoming a male model

Whatever your age, race and background, if you have a good head of hair and like following the trends you could be ready for a fabulous new career or to simply take on a few jobs to help your pocket and have some fun.

Hair models are often those who enjoy the novelty and flexibility of sporting very different and sensational styles – without having to pay for a visit to the hairdresser.

They enjoy the variety of the work, which might be in a studio, on catwalk or even before a live audience or on a film set, and they are comfortable with the idea of sporting a style that will make them stand out in a crowd.

Hair models must also be prepared to possibly sit for hours at a time and to have their hair coloured and cut on occasion. 

Blonde, brunette or redhead; straight, curly or coloured; your hair could be your best asset so make the most of it. 
Contact Models Direct now, and you could find yourself embarking upon an exciting future.

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