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Published: 9th Mar 2020

Let your hair be the star of the show

Just like the fashion industry, hair trends constantly evolve. This can work to a model’s advantage, as hairstyles can be changed in a couple of hours to suit client’s requirements. Whereas catwalk fashion displays a designer’s quirky tastes that may not hit the high streets, hair models are usually selected to promote specific products that any discerning customer can purchase. 

As if you didn’t know already, dear readers, hair provides an almost limitless variety when it comes to advertising. Hair can be shaped, moulded, cut, extended and coloured to the company’s precise wishes. This is where a model with luscious locks comes into their own. Of course, it helps if you’re easy on the eye, too, although your hair is the main attraction and should be treated as such.

Though there are an abundance of female hair models, gents can also break into the hair business. Some agencies look out for neat crew-cuts, while others prefer free-flowing locks to advertise hairsprays and colouring products. Whichever style you opt for, there’s a job out there for everyone. That said, there is one golden rule to succeed in hair modelling: take care of your hair, and it will take care of you. Think of your hair as your best selling point. Healthy hair really stands out from the pack, and agencies will take notice. The only excuse you have is a “before and after” campaign, where hair companies need to demonstrate their product’s ability to turn an ordinary mop of hair into something with the X factor.   

In its simplest terms, hair is a long chain of proteins. The primary protein in hair is keratin, and like most biological components, it needs to be looked after. The only “living” part of hair is located in the follicle, and this is why washing the scalp is so important; indeed, the hair which we see on heads is biologically inactive and is considered “dead”. 

So how to maintain healthy hair? Follow these guidelines, and you could soon have an envious head of hair, as well as modelling contracts.

1. Aim to wash your hair twice a week. Constant washing can eliminate essential oils.

2. Use tepid water – water that’s too hot can have adverse effects and can dry your hair, leaving it brittle.

3. Use shampoo for the scalp, and conditioner for the ends of your hair.

4. Don’t dry your hair with a hot dryer. Keep the dryer at a medium setting, or just ditch the dryer and use a clean towel.

5. Brushing? Start from the bottom, and work your way to the top.

6. To remove split hairs, trim your hair roughly once every two months. 

7. Thoroughly wash out any products (shampoo, wax etc) to avoid build up.

Be brave and contact your local hairdresser. Some regularly need hair models for apprentices, and even if you don’t get paid, well…you’ve had a free haircut.  

Models Direct are always looking for hair models. Please get in touch if you think you have a hairdo worthy of modelling standards. Your hair could be your golden ticket into the modelling industry. 

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