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Gents - Look in a mirror. Okay, now take off your clothes (but you can keep your boxers on…if you want!)

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If you’re not obsessed with your body, it could be the first time you’ve seen a “full frontal” of yourself in a long time. And you may get a surprise.

There are three probable scenarios:

1. The lockdown workouts you’ve promised yourself are working. Your body fat is slowly* disappearing, you feel more alert, and your confidence is sky high. *Because it won’t vanish overnight.

2. You look pretty much the same as you did a year ago. No shame in that, of course. Especially if you haven’t exercised or made an effort to eat more healthy foods. In fact, if you haven’t changed your diet and have remained largely inert, you’ve been fortunate that your body hasn’t taken on a more “rotund” shape. It must be in your genes…

3. You’ve put on weight, and feel more lethargic. Again, this is natural during periods of inactivity, because it’s sometimes difficult to muster the motivation needed to keep fit during lockdowns. But it’s easily conquered!

Whatever scenario fits your circumstance, the good news is that working as a male fitness model is achievable. You may not realise it, but you could be one of our fitness models sooner than you think.

Consider the three scenarios above:

1. You feel - and - look fit and healthy. Great! Get in touch if you want to add “male fitness model” to your CV.

2. You may still look supple and raring to go. If you feel you have “the look” to be put forward to our wonderful clients as a male fitness model, let us know and we’ll consider your application. If you think you’re not quite ready yet, put in some hard work and you’ll be in tip-top condition in no time.

3. The first thing is to admit that you’re perhaps not in the best shape - it happens to most of us. If you want to improve your physique by burning off surplus calories and reducing your weight, the second stage is to start today. There’s no point in procrastinating. Plus, once you start a fitness schedule, the easier it’ll become. In just a couple of months you’ll see (and feel) the benefits. Just think of the sense of accomplishment when you’re finally ready to dream about becoming a male fitness model! You can do it.

We have a great assortment of clients that come to us directly to ask for healthy males to help them improve their image brand and promote their products. You could be asked to attend photo shoots with professional photographers, or partake in a little role play or acting for an online campaign. Our clients represent - among others - the leisure and hospitality industries, as well as travel and food companies. And, of course, clothing brands. The number of modelling opportunities open to male fitness models has increased to meet demands. Why not use your looks to promote great products - and earn some money in the process? If you have the skills, we have the clients!

Here at Models Direct we actively promote diversity, so male fitness models need not be pigeonholed to fully-functional individuals. We’d love to hear from males of all ages with disabilities. Some of our most confident and successful models are wheelchair users or live life to the full with the aid of walking sticks. Having a disability doesn’t mean you can’t be considered for fitness modelling.

Now is the perfect time to reward your fitness regime with modelling jobs. Now is the time to work hard to get one step further towards your goal of becoming a male fitness model. Now is the time to realise your potential! Get in touch with us and we’ll see how you could fit into our fitness modelling briefs (or boxer shorts…)

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