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Calling all pet owners!

For many years, Models Direct has been at the forefront of assigning pets of all shapes and sizes (and species!) for modelling jobs, and we’re pretty good at it, too. Now is the time to assess your pet’s qualities, and to make the plunge into the fascinating and profitable world of pet modelling. You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain - and your pet will thank you for it, in their own inimitable way.

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Perhaps the first thing you’re asking yourself is: which pets do clients look for? Then, after you’ve considered this, the next question could be: would my pet make a good model? The answer to the first question is: all pets are taken into account. The answer to the second question is: it depends, but why not? After all, we’ve placed literally hundreds of animals in advertising campaigns across a wide selection of media platforms, so give it a go.  

Animals, arguably, have more character and unique features than humans. Certainly, there is more scope for differences in appearance. We’ve worked with an abundance of renowned companies, each searching for perfect creatures to promote their adverts and products.

Quite often, clients approach us with precise requirements. A good example is a company looking for a dog that must be “of medium size, great with children, obedient, and of mixed breed.” On the flipside, well-known companies may simply ask us to recruit “a variety of cat breeds.” Whatever your pet can bring to the party, we want to hear from you. A good temperament is usually a must, as is behaving naturally in front of cameras (and prone to getting on well with the on-set staff!) 


My little French bulldog, Dudley had he’s first professional shoot yesterday for Pet Lab and Co thanks to Models Direct. The day was an amazing experience and Dudley was on top form. Any camera he came across, he looked at and loved being apart of the different shoots. When I got the call a couple of weeks ago, I was so overwhelmed and pleased that Dudley had been picked. Charlie from the team was amazing and she helped with all my enquires up to the day. The studio was lovely and we had a lovely lunch provided. Dudley was given so many treats and it was safe to say he slept well last night after a long 8 hour day. I cannot wait for the photos to go live of Dudley in November and I can’t wait for our next assignment. Thank you Models Direct, you’re amazing and can’t wait for Dudley to continue working with you ❤️ #somuchlove

On your application form, mention any unique features your pet has, together with a photo and their name. For best results, take a photo of your pet in a well-lit, neutral room with a pale background. Include a full body shot (don’t include humans, please!), and avoid  webcam / selfie / Snapchat photos. The images should be vivid and clear, though getting them done professionally is not necessary. Phew!

Our work is varied, too. Whether it’s a promotion for a charity, on the set of a TV advert or for a film scene, a supermarket ad, or for various magazines and brochures, Models Direct is established in pretty much any situation involving what we do best - supplying pet models for the best jobs. There is plenty of work out there for your pets… now you just need to get them access to the best clients, and this is where we come in. 

Think outside the box. It’s not just dogs / puppies, or cats / kittens that we’re interested in - although these are invariably the most sought-after pets. Pet birds, fish and horses are all options in the modelling world, as are exotic pets. See our blog on reptiles - clients ask for snakes, lizards and tortoises for their advertising needs. 


This was my first time taking my rabbits along for a shoot. I was make to feel welcome and had the chance to watch some of the filming before it was Coco's turn. He had to sit on someone's lap while they talked to the camera and discussed vegan make up for the Superdrug Youtube channel. Then he got cuddles from pretty much everyone in the room! Thank you Models Direct I would definitely do it again!

We publish industry news and tips, as well as performance stats and booking feedback, meaning you’re just a few clicks away from keeping abreast of all our updates. Please apply below for your pet to be considered as a model. Fees can vary, but £200 a day is not unheard of. By placing your pet on our books, the chances of repeat jobs are far more likely. Go for it, and good luck.

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