Petite Models - Become a Petite Model

Petite modelling is now commonplace in the modelling industry; there are many petite models, both men and women models. Many short and petite people may be similar heights to a child but have the body structure of man or woman and obviously want to wear fashionable clothes and shoes that fit.

Petite modelling

It's a market that many high street fashion stores have developed by producing petite clothing ranges and smaller size shoes designed specifically for their shorter and smaller customers. Petite models are always needed to advertise these petite clothes in adverts and catalogues.

Finding petite clothing and shoes has never been easier and neither has becoming a petite model. Petite models are usually around 5ft to 5ft 5", sizes 6 to 10, but if would like to have fun and maybe earn some extra cash then contact Models Direct Model Agency and we will be happy to discuss any aspect of petite modelling.

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