Submitting photos to Models Direct: some useful hints and tips

Our Must-Know Handy Tips

When sending your snaps to us, as part of your modelling application, there are some guidelines you’ll have to follow to help the process run smoothly. Models Direct want you to avoid any hiccups such as having to resend your form just because your images weren’t suitable. So, we’ve bundled all the necessary information you need to know about when taking your snapshots for us to review. Let's find out how to rock a great photo with our handy guide and get you snapping for our application process. And for those who have children and babies, you can follow the same guidelines too.

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First off, what kind of photos are needed?

With our modelling application we need to see at least two clear, basic shots - a close-up head shot, and a full-length body shot in front of a white background. Alongside this, you can also submit up to two further shots - for example, a half-body shot or a full-length profile (side view) if you’d like. 

If you’re thinking of paying for professional photography, think again! 

Having a friend or family member take your photos using a digital camera is perfectly fine. Phone cameras are great to capture enough detail so no need to fork out for a photographer when you can get it done cheaper!

All your images need to be clear and well-lit to illustrate a fresh, natural look we're eager to see. We just need to see what you really look like, plain and simple, so have yourself standing in front of a white background so we get a clear view of you. 

What are the format requirements?

Please submit images using the portrait format rather than landscape if possible (in other words, tall and narrow rather than short and wide). The ideal height-width ratio is 5:4. 

Next up, how should you look?

It's tempting to do a lot of things when being snapped for a photo that’ll impress a modelling agency. We've rounded up the a few things for you to avoid though. 

  • Avoid wearing heavy make-up. If you do use it, go for light products using simple and neutral colours.
  • Don't wear any hats, scarves or bandanas that could compromise the clearness of your images. Accessories aren't necessary.
  • If your hair isn't long enough to tie back into a ponytail, hold it back with a clip.
  • If you have any unique features – tattoos, piercings, or striking features – showcase them too! Check out our blog which is all about unique physical characteristics

Our top tip: One natural and flattering look is to pose with the head slightly angled. Try not to cut the picture off at any noticeable points, such as the shoulders, elbows, waist, or knees. Cut in between these points to soften the look and suggest continuation of the body. The same would apply for babies and children.

What makes a great photo?

To make the most of photos taken by friends and family, here are some key areas to keep in mind:

Avoid photoshopping 

Filters and wacky tricks using photography apps are fabulous, creative and a whole lot of fun but should be avoided when sending over images to us. We know it’s tempting but Models Direct would prefer you to avoid any apps to edit features just because we want to see the real you.   

Avoid 'camera shake' by holding the camera steady

Use both hands, resting your elbows on your chest, or a wall for support. Relax - don't tense up. You can buy affordable mini-tripods for use with digital cameras that will get rid of camera shake altogether if you’re really worried about capturing a shaky snap. 

Direct eye contact

Direct eye contact can be as engaging in a picture as it is in real life. Hold the camera at the model's eye level to unleash the power of those magnetic gazes and mesmerising smiles. For children and babies, that means stooping to their level and capturing those memorable moments. Photos taken at eye level angle will have a personal and inviting feeling that draws viewers into the picture.

A photograph is all about lighting

Bonus top tip: Ensure that the sun is behind and to one side of the photographer. Lighting the subject (you; your little bundle of joy or child) from the front brings out colours and shades, whilst the slight angle produces shadow to indicate texture and form.

Keep it simple

The best shots are simple so move closer and remove any clutter from the picture. Simple, straightforward, clear, and sharp - that's all we need. 

And there you have it! If you’re interested in taking a step into the modelling world, we'd love to hear from you and see your photos. Hit “Apply to be a model” to get the ball rolling. Get in touch with our expert team who are model savvy and are happy to help if you want to chat before going ahead and sending off your application. 

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