Advertising Modelling

You're exposed to advertising everywhere every day, whether you're flicking through magazines, watching the small screen, streaming online or browsing through your nifty mobile devices. There's always something that pops up and catches your eye. Check to see how many people (and animals) you can spot in those ads you come across. A lot, right?!

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It's a real eye-opener when you realise how many humans and animals are placed in ads. 

Whether it's promoting the food industry, health care industry, education industry, entertainment industry and... well, all the industries that you can think of, you can count on models. They'll be the face, hands, arms, feet, body - and anything else the client needs for their campaign.

Real-life people and animals are used to advertise a company's products and services all the time. It's an effective way of connecting consumers to a brand. What’s wonderful about this part of the modelling sector is that the requirements are more flexible than that of a runway model, which is a bonus for those who aren't tall and super slim. And if you’re an animal, you'll probably melt hearts regardless.

So, if you’ve got the look that a client is after (or the meow or woof) then you’ve hit the jackpot! You’ll get your first modelling gig, and we’re certain it’ll be an incredible turning point in your new career.  

Advertising Modelling Skills 

There’s a wide range of media where advertising modelling can be applied - TV, newspapers, magazines, billboard adverts and of course, the digital platform (being our smartphones and devices). Advertising is more accessible to consumers which makes it a brilliant area of the modelling industry to get involved in.

Confidence is Key

There are key skills that could boost your advertising modelling career should you be interested in kick-starting a fun and distinctive career. If you enjoy taking centre stage and expressing your creative side through drama, then acting is one of them!

Being an ad model could mean doing a spot of acting and if that already tickles your fancy, then hey presto, you'll be earning cash for doing something you enjoy.

Practising some mirror work – doing typical poses in front of your mirror at home - will help get you into the swing of being in front of the camera, rolling film and large crowds.

As a well-established modelling agency, we’ve had a successful run since 1990, promoting our lovely models with our clients. Our clients have included Barclays Bank, Royal Mail, Nintendo and DFS. 

Thinking of taking a leap but unsure? 

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If you’re thinking about giving it a go, get in touch with our expert team who know everything there is to the modelling world. We're a friendly bunch and will be happy to give you the lowdown on advertising modelling. We're sure you’ll hit “apply to be a model,” faster than the speed of light.

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